A LOT of add to carts BUT no Sales :(

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Hi Luis Morales

I would SO appreciate you having a look at my website www.isabiswatches.com to see if there are any reasons you can pick up for the low sales. 


Thanks so much 


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Hi! Can you forward that email to jg@grechandco.com please?   Same problem here!


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Me too....

A lot of add to cart but no sales. :(

Luis,could you send the email to me please olivia@bhoem.com.au

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Can I get a copy of that email also?  Sounds like it has very valuable help.

sale@bagleyfarms.biz or


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First, you need to get rid of the free items just pay postage deal.

Customers have come wise to these types of deals. They hate to pay shipping or tax for anything. Put, yourself in the customers shoes. Do you hate to pay shipping or tax?

You need to put your prices up front. Forget about the increased retail pricing. to an on sale price.  You are not a department store. Customers will check many venues before making a purchase from any online vendor.

Product descriptions are very important, this is what sells the product. When writing these descriptions, put the customer in front of you and sell them your product in writing. It is so easy to buy merchandise from another vendor, then post it. But, to actually make sales is the art. Online sellers are a dime a dozen. You need to stand out in front. You just got that customer to visit your website. Believe me at this point the customer is half sold. Now with honest pricing, great descriptions and the product line the customer is looking for it will sell.

Keep in mind of a few factors.

More people are selling online then there are buyers. Think about it.

Many people are out of work living day to day.

Many people are living paycheck to paycheck

You are not going to make the kind of money that you were told or think.


Hope This Helps




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Visited your site as you requested. The reason for the slow sales are.

First, you need to conduct a web search on your watches. I checked ebay $39.00 Each and Amazon at $45.00 Each for some. Ask yourself this question,  Why should anyone purchase a watch from you?

Second, 73% of people do not use or wear a whatch today. Because of cell phones, etc.

Third, When it comes to a quality watch as yours, one would most likely purchase in person or from a company that is the manufacture or authorized dealer.

You site looks very porfessional with great photos

Good Luck & Best Regards


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Add to carts are actually really great if your site is brand new!  It means people are considering purchasing your products.  There's no way to know for sure why people aren't completing checkout unless you're psychic, but based on your site I do have a few tips.

#1 your site looks awesome - very professional and trustworthy.  That being said there's one thing that's missing - pictures of people wearing your products.  When I'm shopping for apparel or jewelry online one of my biggest questions is "what does this look like on an actual person?".  If possible you should have a picture on each of your product pages with a person wearing the product if it is apparel or jewelry.

#2 I'm sure people have already mentioned this within the thread - but I'll mention it anyway.  Abandoned carts are an opportunity for retargeting ads.  Use your Facebook Pixel to track people who have been to your site and set up an ad campain specifically for people who have visited your site within the past 30 days or so.  Tailor the ad copy and photos as much as possible to entice people to come back - maybe offer a discount if you can?

#3 Your product descriptions should be more consistent and informative.  Your apparel descriptions often say the material is "breathable" but do not mention what the actual material is.  Is the product made of cotton?  Polyester?  Rayon?  Is everything machine washable?  Is the sizing for men or women or unisex?  These are questions I have before I purchase products.

Best of luck!  You've done such a great job on your site so far I'm sure with time the sales will start coming in :)




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Hi Frizurd,

As requested, I have had a look at your store: otakupicks.com

Below are my comments. They are all negative, but it goes without saying that no ill-will is intended. I hope that some / all of the comments will assist. And indeed, I hope that some of the comments will resonate with other readers, who may recognise some symptoms from their own e-commerce endeavours.



Fergus W


Your Business Model:


I note you sell the “Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken Bomber Jacket” for $61. With a 5 second search on Google, I can discover the same item on aliexpress for the lesser price of $41.


The easiest part of running an online business is to set up an e-commerce website; a child can now do this with Shopify. The Shopify platform is excellent. The hard part is to have a business model that makes sense, to spot a gap in the market, to do something better, quicker or cheaper than the incumbents, to engender trust among potential customers, and to make a compelling offer to those who land on your website.


Your delivery schedule at up to 45 days is far too long for the modern era. You are not solving a pain-point for those who might land on your site, nor are you offering a cheaper solution. A child’s birthday is next week (not in 2 months’ time), and an item bought on the internet needs to be bought and delivered quickly. People will click on pretty pictures, and indeed, they will add to their cart. But they will not buy from your site in numbers that will make your current venture profitable.


The whole point of e-commerce is to disintermediate. This means to disintermediate or cut-out the middleman, or to eliminate a slow bottle-neck. What are you bringing to the equation?


An Unconvincing Offering:


No one is going to buy items of clothing without knowing the materials involved. You must write exactly what the garments are made of. You must show photographs of the care label. You must list the percentage of nylon, polyester, cotton, lycra, etc. in each garment.


Is it organic cotton? Is it fair trade? Can the garments be machine washed? How do you differentiate yourself from other sellers? Why should I buy from you? Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective seller, and ask yourself the hard, soul-searching questions. I suspect the reason you do not have your own photos of the care labels is because you are just drop-shipping, and do not have boxes of the garments at your own site.


Honesty and Transparency to the Customer / Respect for the Customer:


1. Your product “Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken Bomber Jacket” has the description “Not sold in stores -Limited edition jacket!” I can find the same item on the internet with a 5 second Google search. This sort of product description fools no one. It is obvious you are not a manufacturer, and do not have an exclusive license to sell this product worldwide.


2. You write “The Vegeta 3D T-shirt is a high-quality  …”. Another description reads “…Supreme quality …” This means nothing to the reader. Never write that something is of “high quality”. Describe the product. Describe the manufacturing process. List endorsements. Show photos of the garment on a model. Explain the quality control process that the garment goes through before leaving the factory. Show close-up photos of the stitching. But do not just say the item is of “high quality.”


3. You write in several places “Quality Guaranteed.” The customer is left wondering what form the guarantee takes. Either explain it here, or give a link to where it is described. What does this mean? What is the “guarantee”?


4. On the About Us Page, you write that your products are “usually overstocked.” But then at check-out there is a very annoying timer that only reserves the item in the cart for 10 minutes, and counts down to zero. What is the purpose of the timer, and how do you reconcile that with being over-stocked? The customer is not impressed by such actions.


5. On the About Us Page, you write that you have a “network of worldwide distributors and manufacturers.” This is the perfect opportunity to list these facilities. List your partners. List their endorsements. List how how long they have worked with your company. Show a map of this world-wide network. Frankly, as a prospective customer, I do not believe your claim; it is not backed up by any proof.


6. You write in several place “Our sale items ALWAYS sell out FAST, so get yours now before we run out.” This is clearly nonsense. If someone is considering buying from your store, they will do some research before entering their credit card details. 10 seconds on Google will reveal that there is not a flood of previous purchasers / reviews. In fact, ironically, a search in Google for “otakupicks” will return back this thread, where you have written that you are getting no sales.


(As a side note: any store owner who tries to build a brand from scratch, and then starts a forum conversation that includes the words “I have no sales, please help” has probably just shot themselves in the foot for good. Prospective customers are likely to find the forum thread. It is probable that the brand will be irreparably damaged.)




You have no address or phone number presented on the Contact Us Page. This is a critical error. You will never engender trust in the absence of same. Very few (if any) would purchase from such a site. The server is in Ottawa; there is no reason to believe that this site is not being managed from a suburb somewhere in Asia. You can forget about strangers passing you their credit card details in the absence of a physical address and a phone number.


You say you are based in the Netherlands. Thus, under EU consumer law, you must provide a physical address on your website. Not to do so is a breach of the law.


The only email address I can find is hidden away in the Privacy Policy. This should be much more obvious.




For a valid contract in the EU (Netherlands based), you must provide a valid address.

For a valid contract in the EU, you must provide the identity of the trader, or a trade name. What is the legal status of “Otakupicks”? Is this a registered company? As a customer, who exactly am I dealing with … a person, a sole trader, or a company?


People Buy from Experts:


You need tens of thousands of words of valuable and unique content on your site, which relates to today’s Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Naruto etc. ecosystem. This will reverberate positively with visitors. More importantly, such content will wave a flag in front of Goggle’s face that they need to take note of the new kid on the block. I have no reason to believe that you are a true fan of this area.


On your site, excluding the product descriptions, you have no content. Why is the history of your characters not up on your site? Or some articles on the artists who create these wonderful drawings? Links to relevant movies / animations? Discuss upcoming shows and exhibitions for the industry. This is your unique content. At the very least, this should be on the site to give each buyer a sense of your closeness to the industry.


Is any of the photography your own? As a potential consumer, I see little reason to buy from this site. Let’s see some models with The Otakupicks motif on their lapel / chest pocket wearing the hats or jewellery.



About Us Page:


As a potential customer, I want to see photos of the team that backs the brand. You keep mentioning “our” and “we”, suggesting that Otakupick is a team of people. The best way to convince potential customers that you are who you say you are (and in this case that you are not a one-man-band) is with photographs of the people behind the brand. One of the most convincing ways to do this is with a dynamic LinkedIn link from your Shopify store to your LinkedIn profile. For an example of this in action, take a look at what we’ve done here: https://tiledevil.co.uk/pages/meet-the-team

This has several advantages:

  1. It shows photographs of the people involved.
  2. It sends a strong signal to Google that you are not a “sofaprenneur.”
  3. Google also likes the fact that you have an out-link to a good neighbor (LinkedIn has a Domain Authority of 100, the highest possible rank).
  4. Any visitor to your Shopify site can click on your profile and they are brought directly to your profile on LinkedIn. My LinkedIn profile (Fergus W) is 10 years old; it would be very hard to fake that sort of a profile, with 100+ connections, and links to reputable IT companies over a decade. It is another trust signal that potential purchasers on Tile Devil absorb, before making a purchase.

(We also have photos of the people behind the brand on our About Us Page.)


General Housekeeping:


1. Attention to Detail is lacking. As an example, your “Dragon Ball Z Thick Hoodie Jacket” description reads that this is a 45% discount. Your RRP is $90; your sale price is $59.95. That is a 33% reduction. This sort of casualness engenders no trust in a prospective buyer.


2. The Cart has a field labelled “SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER”. This may be the Shopify default, but that is no excuse. It is your store, not Shopify’s. Get rid of the ALL CAPS. And use a label such as “Special instructions for us” or “A special note for the team at Otaupicks”.


3, Your 404 page could say something a little friendlier than “Page Not Found. The page you requested does not exist.”


4, Your Privacy Policy states: “If you would like to: access, correct, amend or delete any personal information we have about you, register a complaint, or simply want more information contact our Privacy Compliance Officer at hello@otakupicks.com or by mail at Otakupicks.” You have not finished this sentence with an address. It looks hopelessly unprofessional.


Returns Page:


You say you are based in the Netherlands. Thus, you must comply with EU law as regards Returns. I have read your Returns Policy several times, and, frankly, I do not understand it. I cannot say whether the appropriate EU law has been adhered to, as I cannot understand your policy.


However, in specific areas (if your site is based in the Netherland) I can say that you have not adhered to EU law. Those selling goods online in the EU must follow the appropriate laws. Your site does not conform. Specifically, your returns policy breaches EU Directive 2011/83/EU, which has been implemented into Dutch law.


The EU Directive is here:



Chapter 3 covers what you must tell the prospective consumer in advance of a contract. It also covers the return policy rights which all consumers in the EU are entitled to.  You must, by law, provide a standard cancellation form. All consumers can return goods within 14 days of receiving them if bought online; it matters not the reason. And goods (with specific exceptions) must be delivered within 30 days.


You can have a glance at our Returns Policy on https://tiledevil.co.uk, which conforms to UK / EU law. The Returns Policy is under the Legal Stuff menu.  


Your Returns Policy at Otakupicks writes about where the customer is to blame, about circumstances outside your control, about customs control etc., but you do not say what the result of same is.


You have written that people may “request” a return, but you do not say whether you will honour the request. Under no circumstances would I order from an online store, where it appears that the item will be dispatched from China, and it will take up to “45 days not including 2-5 day processing” to reach me.


You say that the customer must pay for the return postage. But you have not listed the return address. Is it to China? Do you really think an intelligent customer is going to purchase an item from you under such conditions?




There is an option in the menu bar to create an account? Why would a customer wish to do so? What is the benefit to them? Where have you explained the benefit? Are there likely to be repeat purchasers, who would gain something by having an account?


Terms of Service:


In your Terms of Service, you have written: “Your submission of personal information through the store is governed by our Privacy Policy. To view our Privacy Policy.” This is an unfinished sentence.


You have described the Governing Law with the words “These Terms of Service and any separate agreements whereby we provide you Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws.” From a legal standpoint, this is hopelessly deficient. If this section is to be included, then it must specify a legal jurisdiction.


Your Terms of Services are a template and have not been correctly modified to reflect the fact that you sell garments and toys to a worldwide audience. The above gives me zero confidence in your offering.


Due to the above, it leads me, as a prospective consumer, to view this site as being probably run by a “sofaprenneur” rather than a registered business that also operates offline.  Whether I am right or wrong does not matter; a poor impression has been made on a prospective customer.


There may / may not be a flaw in Shopify’s TOS template; I do not know, and it is not relevant. It is your store, not Shopify’s. If you want to be successful, you must take responsibility for everything that is presented to your visitors.

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Hi Graham,

I've been reading some post here and there from time to time about people having "Shopify Store's issues AKA not selling this or marketing + ads not working and a long list of 'why I am not getting rich(?)'" and yours by far it's the most direct, comprehensive, detailed and highly valuable of all responses ever (and please people, stay away of those responses that promote their apps, anyway). You sir, has provided knowledge and your response must be quoted at many times in so many posts and I personally will save this thread for future references for others (and myself) to read (again and again). Thanks so much, because with your response I have also seen some things that I could also improve and for that sir, we thank you.

To the OP, even it might sound a bit tough at moments the above response by Graham, if you take it as intended (means to help you) you will certainly break through the pack for this or future ventures. Wish you and all the future eyes reading here the very best.


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Graham Grumley I wonder if you would be kind enough to have a look at my site, any info would be so greatly appreciated. 


I know many of you think watches are over rated because of cell phones but it is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world from 2014 - 16 it has out performed many fashion brands in their totality. 

I know its something small im missing please could you see if you could pick up what it may be 

www.isabiswatches.com (pls bear in mind that the cost of my watches is more than $45 so thats not a realistic selling price :) and my prices INCLUDE free shipping 


Thanks so much guys