A LOT of add to carts BUT no Sales :(

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Hello Luis, I'm struggling with the same issue. please send me the response at info@geekyvibes.com

Thanks in advanced.

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Hello Everyone,
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Hi Frizurd, 

Everything on your website looks good. However, a potential reason for low conversions could be location of the people who are adding your products to their cart. I wanted to check how the flow was till the payment and added a product to my cart. But only at the second last step got to know that you don’t ship to India. So I couldn’t complete my purchase. 

Since people are adding your products to their cart, the problem wouldn’t be with your product description or the look of your site. Had that been the problem, people wouldn’t have reached the almost final step.

What are the sources of traffic to your website? If you’re are driving people to your website through paid ads, then you should target people from only those locations to which you’re currently shipping.

I can see that you’ve placed Facebook’s pixel on your website. Create an audience of website visitors in your targeted location and run coupon / offer ads to them. Your conversion should be better, since time your targeting will be location specific. 

I am going to drift from your question and suggest a little something to increase your website traffic as well. Eventually it’s important to grow your funnel.

You have a great following on Instagram. Every time, you post products on Instagram, a potential buyer will have to go through your entire website to search for that product. To increase the traffic and conversion from Instagram, I’d highly recommend that you make your posts clickable. Instagram allows only one link - in the bio. But you can make your posts clickable by using OrangeTwig. All you need to do is add the clickable link in your bio. Learn more about making your posts clickable here - Clickable Posts

You can learn more about OrangeTwig's Instagram features here: OrangeTwig Insta-Success 

I hope this helps!

- Karan 


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Maybe offering a call center i noticed because i am a new store i have better succcess with a call center than to just be a new store setting up for the first time i also use shopify and wordpress stores i have built on my own.

But believe me using Google voice phone numbers to connect your store and using FB ads at specific time frames is always a good option i am a radio host and i have a  few stores i have created and its works each time !

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First of All, I suggest you address the problem by having a look at google analytics. In behaviour tab, find user-flows. Here you can see where customer go when enter shopping cart. May be there are some buttons that lead to other pages and users forget to finish purchasing.

Second: Solve the problem:

  1. Change UX, UI to keep users stay on shopping cart window
  2. Use Email Abandon Cart to pull people back when they drop out. According to my experiences, you should send 1 email after 30 minutes and another after 1 - 2 days
  3. Cart abandoning is the reason why remarketing was born. Create an audience with google analytics, who visit the shopping cart but do not enter the checkout page. You can create that audience within Google remarketing tag, google analytics or Facebook pixel

Since you guys are really struggling about Cart Abandoner, I think I will write an article about remarketing to solve this problem. Hope this help :)

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I've been running my kannada songs related website for a few days now. but i can not adding cart, help me please.

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Hi frizurd,

The chat box at the cart page might help you to get more custoemrs insight. Try to do some search at Shopify app store.

Facebook Ads, Google Adwords & Google Analytics - my passion and that's what I can help you with right now.

Hey ya,

Adding to the cart might lead the user to the other pages of your website. What if you build the landing page and exclude the header and footer navigation, so your customers can focus on the funnel with going to the landing page -> adding the product to the cart -> proceeding to the checkout -> thank you page.

You can try building the landing page with PageFly app. With this app you can add different content such as text, graphic, and video. Those content you can present in the different preset layouts. For example put the paragraph containing Image + Text. Video + Text and other.

When you build the product content focus on product's benefits and why they need it. 

...and PageFly is approved and available on the Shopify app store.

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Really love your "Would you like to add" section in the Checkout page. What app is it?

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