A month of FB Ads in... ZERO sales. My conversion rate is non-existent!

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Hi All,

I am having issues getting any conversion on my store, can anyone offer some advice? My store is a print on demand clothing and accessories brand within the ladies weight lifting niche www.girlsthatcurl.com

So far I have focused on FB ads for traffic with the following results:

-I ran an engagement campaign and got my page likes up to over 5,000

-I am currently running a traffic ad campaign for link clicks as my pixel has no sales info yet to optimize it for conversions. 

-I have split test different copy, products, and audiences with my current ad sets my stats now are: 

  • Total Link clicks: 500
  • Cost/outbound click: $0.29
  • CTR: 0.97%
  • Highly targeted audience by interests, 18-40, and english speaking countries.

Website results so far: 

  • Average time on site: 5m 53s
  • Bounce Rate: 87.9%
  • Products Abandonded: 18
  • Lost Revenue: $553.82
  • Sales: $0.00

If anyone has any advice on how to improve I'd be so grateful.



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Hi Vikki,

I'd love to help, could you send me a screenshot of the ads you're currently running? Email me at ryan@unitidigital.com



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Hi Vikki, what type of ads are you using? Are you pre-selling your customer? What is your targeted demographic? Have you checked for click bots? Your website looks great you have pop ups as well as good product photos and descriptions. 

If you would like to talk about this in further detail please feel free to contact me via my website smallbusinessmedia.weebly.com

I'd love to help


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Thanks for the replies!

Here is a link to the fb previews:



The short text works better in the US and the long in all other areas. 

Attached is a screen shot of my audience. 

Thanks again :)

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Hi Vikki, those ads definatly need some work to become more effective did you test any before you started paying? There certain types of ad's that work better than others.

I'd love to continue this discussion 



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Where are you driving the traffic? Just to the home page of to the specific landing page? Also, good to see your ads copy Facebook message & landing page. It should match.

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Hi Vikki,

Running a campaign for increase in page likes might not be the best way to go right now. You will definitely increase your page likes. But the problem is with the reach of Facebook posts. I know that in 2016, this was about 2%. So if 100 people like your page, Facebook will show your posts to only 2 people. So increasing your page likes wouldn’t help much because eventually not all of them will get to see your Facebook posts. 

I think it would be better if you boost one of your well performing posts. This will get you engagement. And if your posts consistently perform well, Facebook tends to increase the reach of your subsequent posts.

You mentioned that you’re running Ads with ‘Traffic’ as an objective. That’s good! These ads might not result in sales directly, but they do give an insight in a buyer’s journey when she visits your website. 

I feel that currently your buyers’ journey is breaking somewhere. The numbers suggest so. You have click throughs, a high bounce rate and no conversions. One possible reason could be that visitors aren’t finding what they had hoped for. You have a lot of categories of products. In such cases, it’s very important to guide a customer to the proper section from the ad.

If you’re advertising ‘The best Draw String Bag’ and then take the visitor to the your home page, you’ll lose the customer. 

Other than this, you should also try running a lead generation campaign and collect the leads from there. Later, you can email them with various discount codes and convert them into qualified leads. Once you have enough qualified leads you can then run a conversion retargeting campaign. 

I noticed one more thing - some of your products are actually very expensive. And I don’t see any differentiator. So, as a buyer I don’t understand why I should be paying that much money for these products.If there is something special, maybe the way your products are made, quality,durability, anything,you should mention it. Give your buyers a reason to spend that much money. 

Since you’re running ads and you’ve placed a pixel on your website, I think it’s worth mentioning that eventually you’ll have to keep your focus on organic traffic as well. This will help grow your audience list for retargeting ads. 

Although I mentioned that Facebook is cutting reach of posts, you can’t ignore social media. It is still the highest source of referral traffic.You just have to pick the right channel. I’d suggest that you start focussing on Instagram also. On Instagram content and hashtags are the way to go.

Here are some tips for content - 47 content ideas

For your hashtags, give OrangeTwig’s hashtag research tool a try. You’ll get a list of relevant as well as related hashtags for your niche. Learn more about the tool here. 

With OrangeTwig, you’ll also be able to make all your posts on Instagram clickable. In Instagram, only one link (in the bio) is clickable. For instance, you’ve placed your shop url. The only problem with having a generic link is that your customers need to go your shop and find the product that they liked. There is no immediate gratification. This leads to lost sales. With clickable link in your bio, you can take your customers to specific products. Immediate gratification will lead to better conversions. And even if a buyer doesn’t buy, you can then retarget these people with Facebook Ads later. Learn more about clickable post here. 

Oh and one more thing that’s crucial for building following is actual interaction. With OrangeTwig, you can comment on relevant Instagram posts as well, but in an extremely efficient manner. Learn more about it here: 

I hope you find some of this helpful. 


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From our experience better to drive traffic to landing pages or product / collections pages with content catching attention your potential customers. Customers behaviors is more about learning the product first then deciding later whether we need it. 

Feel free to try PageFly.io and let me know whether I can help you more.

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