Abandoned check out help with Mailchimp

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Hi everyone,

I am in the process of setting up my store and will be going live hopefully within a week or so. I have setup a Mailchimp account and have set up a few different abandoned email temploates...however in my testing(s) I have noticed a problem...

It will only send to me one time. For example: I go on the store....add items....don't check out.

This will trigger emails in Mailchimp I have configured.

However, say 1 month later I go back to the store....and do the same thing. No emails are being sent. Should these not be sent again?

Also, I read somewhere that this will only send to people subsribed to my newsletter? In order for someone to complete an order, it is mandatory they have an email address. That being said, should this not be used to target them?

Please advise! Thank you