Abandoned checkout : What marketing strategy apply?

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Hi guys.

I sell  cosmetic products
We have got free shipping (when customers spend over €35)
Competitive prices (average price €11 )

If customers don't spend €35 our shipping rate is €6.99. 

We have got lot of  abandoned checkout  because customers don't reach €35. We can not offer a free shipping under this amount. 
We sell products with a low margin. 

What marketing strategy apply? loyalty rewards, increase prices,  offer bulk orders? 

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Hey there!

I thought I would chime in a bit here. I still encourage others to offer their tips as well too!

Using the abandoned checkout emails after the leave your page doesn't always have to come at a cost or discount, no.

The first thing I may recommend is checking out this blog post on clever examples for abandoned cart emails that you can tailor to be your own. :)

Having a loyalty program can have a lot of benefits, especially with products that are purchased often from customers. You can choose to incorporate some extra points if they complete their checkout if you wanted, plus it creates a regular visitor to your site when they check their points. :) 

You can check out an app like Sweet Tooth if you were wanting an easy solution for that. :)

A huge portion of that abandoned checkout email is to create that connection with customers, since you cannot just offer them a smile like you could in person. Even myself, while online shopping, had built a cart, changed tabs and forgot about it, and then when I check my email, I have that reminder. :)

Hope that helps provide some insight!

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Another really great way to help recover abandoned shopping carts is through website push notifications. With web push you can send re-engagement notifications (kinda like emails) but you never have to capture the visitors email. 

Basically visitors can subscribe to your site in 1 click (no forms/emails). Then if they add a product to their cart but not buy it, you can have an automatic push notification go out to them (desktop or mobile) with a link back to their Shopify cart after X minutes. 

Works really well. Check out: https://aimtell.com for more info. Tons of features and deep integration w/ Shopify. 

Oh P.S. you can also send promos/deals/announcements to your subscribers at any point. Not just limited to abandoned carts. You can say send a notification to all subscribers who viewed X product but haven't been to site in 5 days.