Adding a services marketplace to my store

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Adding a services marketplace to my store

Hi there

I recently launched an online store that sells tools to permanent make-up artists.  Its been a month and we already have artists all over the world.  My product is the first in the industry to focused on health and safety and I'm buillding a community of artists that want to lead by example.  I'd also like to help them get leads for new clients as most of them are not strong at marketing and have dated website or no sites.

I'd like to add the following features:

  • Ability for artists to add and manage a profile
  • A map of where all my artists are located
  • Ability for artists to upload an image gallery of their work
  • A rating system for my artists clients to review their work
  • A simple way to get an affiliate fee or commission
  • a booking system
  • simple crm

Has anyone added a service marketplace ( like an airbnb, zocdoc, homeaway, houzz) to their shopify store???

I'd love to hear any idea's and also get feedback on my current site: ;


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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Tina,

This is definitely something that would require a number of solutions to complete!
Here are some apps you might want to look at:

Everything else you're probably going to have to speak with an Expert about:



Alicia | Support Lead for Shopify