Adding multiple Variants of a product to Google CPC?

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Hi All,

I'm using Google Shopping App on shopify app store to add my products to google merchant center, for google CPC ads. However, as you know, Google Shopping App only allows you to add the first variant of each product. However, my products have multiple variants, and all my competitors are adding variants to google CPC which means I'm losing out on views. I googled and found this as a workaround -

However, I want to keep Google Shopping App to report the first variant, then use the workaround link instructions to add select variants for select products. However, when following those instructions, and adding products to the collection, I can only add entire products, and not specific variants. This is resulting in duplicates (from google shopping app, and being added again in the custom collection), and is also leading to errors since there are variants that do not have UPC codes that I do not wish to add, but are being added due to the entire product being added to the collection

Has anyone found a better way to add select variants of products to Google Shopping? Thanks!

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Hello Ken

Welcome to the blues of posting product variants to Google Shopping feed. Let me tell you that this is one of the most malhandled function in all Ecommerce plugins / CMSs and you will constantly have to test the one that works for you and the ones that dont. You will be amazed how some of the most reputed solutions out there dont do it right.

There is no point in having 2 feed managers. Get it from the one that is solving it for you to maximize your Shopping feed exposure.


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