AdsPower Antidetect Browser for multi-account management

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Sellers engaged in e-commerce platforms all know that if we operate multiple stores on these platforms, do SEO, and advertise on social media, we'll need multiple accounts. To avoid the accounts getting banned or blocked, we constantly have to clear cookies and change the user agent. Is there any tool that can do this obnoxious thing for us?

The answer is antidetect browser. It allows one to open multiple browser profiles on any website, protecting users' privacy and anonymity by replacing browser fingerprints. AdsPower is the right tool that helps save a lot of time and improve efficiency.

Highlights and Features

  • Bulk management of multiple accounts on multiple platforms
    You can import/export a batch of accounts using logins and passwords or cookies on e-Commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc. Also, bulk account creation and management and ad optimization on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tinder, Pinterest, Tik Tok and VK is supported.

  • Anti-fingerprinting
    AdsPower provides an independent browser profile for each account with different fingerprints, including time zones, WebRTC, locations, languages, User Agent, fonts, resolutions, Canvas, WebGL images, and so on.

    fingerprints 2.png

  • Automatic IP matching
    AdsPower can be integrated with 3rd party solutions such as HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5. Also, it can automatically match browser location settings with 911s5, Oxylabs, and Luminati residential proxies.

  • Browser Automation
    Any repetitive task can be automated in AdsPower. You can automate Facebook account checks and management, as well as other operations, through a selection of automated API.

  • Team collaboration and efficient authorization
    AdsPower is designed for teams of all sizes. In teamwork plans, you can grant access to team members through three authorization levels (administrator-manager-member) to allow them to manage the accounts.

  • Professional customer service and technical support
    AdsPower provides detailed tutorial videos and graphics, professional online customer service, and distance technical support to help you to learn about this program.

Use cases

  • E-commerce
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Ad verification
  • SEO
  • Data mining
  • Web testing
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AdsPower Local API

api 1_副本.png

AdsPower Local API can programmatically perform basic functions like retrieving account information, starting and closing the browser, searching for accounts, etc. The Local API can also help realize browser automation using automation frameworks, such as Selenium and Puppeteer. More functional interfaces and customized features are available for subscriptions with advanced API access.


How to use AdsPower Local API

  1. Get an AdsPower Local API
  2. Open AdsPower app and keep login
  3. Check if the API is successfully set up (Account Management -> Settings)

api 2.pngapi 3.png


List of AdsPower Local API

api 4.png



1. Local - HTTP Get - Start the browser

api 5.pngapi 6.png

2. Cloud - HTTP Post - Add groups

api 7.pngapi 8.png

3. Cloud - HTTP Get - Search for groups

api 9.pngapi 10.png


How to get the AdsPower Local API

AdsPower Local API is available for all subcriptions now! Please contact the Online Client Service in case of need.


Register and start for free today!

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