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I have just launched my store in the last couple of months and have not yet made a sale. I am running Facebook and Instagram ads right now and getting hundreds of engagements, but no conversions. Any recommendations of how I should be designing my ad campaigns? 

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Hey, there!

I just wanted to let you know that I've moved your post to our Ecommerce Marketing forum to potentially get some more eyes on your question. :) 


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Who is your target market? People who want beautiful apparel is not a target market. This severly hurts you ability to target based on Google searches and Facebook ads because you don't know the attributes of your potential customers.

I suggest you listen to the Shopify Masters podcast of another t-shirt apparel company that knows their target market (pug lovers):

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Hi mainstreetgoods! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

It sounds like you need more defined audience and you will need to dig deeper in the research phase to see how to advertise to them. I don’t recommend toying with ads yourself, if you want to get the most of your ads, either hire a pro, or experiment with free social media marketing first and see which phrases, CTAs and images get the most clicks and bring the most targeted traffic. Knowing that, you can then move to the paid ads. Hope that helps,


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Hi MainStreetGoods,

I have checked out your store and its looking great. I like the blue color and the white background, it gives the store a neat touch. Perhaps you should delay the newsletter signup a bit before popping it out. I just came to your store and you asking me to give out my email. Maybe you should let me give you my email in return for a discount or a give away, otherwise delay it a bit.

Starting a new store can sometimes be challenging but certain things can make your work a lot easier.

1. Define your target or niche

As Joshua Uebergang said earlier, define your target audience/niche. Its not advisable to target everyone, identify the group of people who will resonate with your product and store. Have a story that they can relate to and let your brand embody that story. It can be a story with a theme of love, family, never giving up, daring to be different, standing out, breaking the status quo, strength....etc

2. Crafting your ads

Utilizing paid advertising is great but only if you get the desired results and ROI. You said you had hundreds of engagement but that is not the true intention of the Ad you created. You wanted website clicks, traffic, product views and finally purchases. You must create Ads that will drive people through your sales funnel. I will give you 3 important tactics you can use to increase traffic, purchases and following.

- The catch

Your Ads should have a catch, I usually call it the "attention grabber". You can give away some discounts to get your initial traffic pouring in. A friend who runs a Shopify store used this tactic by creating an Ad that said "Buy a phone and get a free selfie stick" and had a lot of traffic and purchases. Your Ads should always have an attention grabber and if it is compelling enough it will drive people to your store. Perhaps you might not have anything in mind but think of something that you can use as a bait to grab your customers. Your ads should not end in just "likes" and "shares".

- Visuals and Emotion

"A picture is worth more than a 1000 words". That saying is true, visuals do speak a lot. After drafting a story for your brand let your visuals as much as possible convey that story. If the theme of your story is friendship you can get some friends to wear your t-shirt and take a shot of a fun moment of them together. You can use that image to run an Ad and it will convey your brand's message, ignite an emotion and sell your product. There is a bamboo/wooden shades store which has great visuals here is a link to one of their images . This image sells their brand story, strikes an emotion (which i think is love) and it also sells their product. Research and look for successful stores and how they design their visuals and learn from them.

- Making the customer work for you

After getting in your traffic and purchases leverage on social effect and get your brand out there. When someone makes a purchase you can ask the customer to share a post or a tweet about your brand on social media for points which he/she can redeem. This post or tweet will be visible to people in his/her network and help boost the virality/popularity of your brand. You can also ask the customer to leave a product review or follow you on twitter or Facebook. Making sure the customer works for you is very important if you want to be successful store.

Hope this is helpful. My name is Ben Kissi, I am the CEO and co-founder of AdGeek, a Facebook advertising and analytics manager. AdGeek helps shopify merchants retarget cart abandoners, product viewers and website visitors. You can try it here no credit card required. Join the many merchants who are using AdGeek to increase their sales.

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