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I own a digital shop ( less than 5month and in that time had only 2 sales... I understand that the biggest problem is advertising, but I don't know from what side start to do it. English is not my native language, I try to read many information what is available in whole net but unfortunatelly it's so hard to understand it especially when you don't know with what to start. I made pinterest account, instagram, facebook page and nothing... Post my products in facebook pages who are my audience but I don't get those people to my facebook group or homepage. I start to think maybe I need to hire social marketing people but again where to find it, what I found are very expencive and when You don't earn anyhing how can I pay them? I don't have free money. I all time hoped that by myself is possible gradually to grow up, is it really possible without money or with a little expenses (20-30$ month)? What is cheapest way to start something earn? Facebook ads? Google ads? Hire social marketer?(If yes where can them found with adequate "price"?) I'll be honest I'm in a little depression of all that. It's my only job, I'm a single mother. I need some push that all will be ok and is possible to build my own buisness with a regular income. Any suggestion would be great. Thank You in advance!

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Hi, there!


My name is Ren from the Shopify support team and I'd love to offer some advice and ideas to help you out.


Your products looks great and would be popular among crafters. What methods are you using to get people from audience groups to your page or site? Have you tried any giveaways/free product incentives? What about putting some items on sale? I suggest marking up your prices and then using the compare price which helps set the tone for sales urgency.

Are you familiar with earned media? It can be the most cost effective method of marketing. It includes getting featured on a blog or other digital media outlet, social media like Facebook and instagram and reviews from customers. This third-party blog post breaks it down nicely. I did noticed that you have an instagram account connected - that's great! Keep it up! Try other hashtags that are relevant to your product or lifestyle hashtags.

Sometimes, it can really help to design products that fit a specific niche. For example, your water tracker would be popular among health and fitness enthusiasts but also new moms that need an extra reminder to stay hydrated. If you went with the fitness niche you could design products that are motivational quotes or popular and trending fitness terms and the #momlife niche has no shortage of relatable material. Try Pinterest for quote inspiration!

I'd love to see you make your store a little more personal and relatable with an About section. Talk about what inspires you and add a photo. Here are some great pointers for building an engaging About section.


Finally, have you considered a print-on-demand business? Since you already create your own designs you are already half-way there. Print-on-demand allows you to design products (t-shirts, mugs, prints, and hundreds more) and then sending that information to a company that prints, packages and ships the product on your behalf. Check out to get an idea for the variety of printable products available. You can also browse our entirely selection of Print of Demand integrations here. Most importantly, check out our free online course that covers everything you need to know about running a print-on-demand business.


Do you have any questions on how to get started with these steps? Feel free to reply to this thread and I'd be happy to help!


Ren | Social team @ Shopify
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Hi Ren!

Thanks for advices, I appreciate your time what You dedicate to me! Methods what I use get people to my page was "give for free design, give for free and back asked only picture with creation, give discounts, put on sale products. Nothing works for me... Even when You promote and give for free design, come and take that only 3peoples(!)
"Earned media", no, I don't know where to find my audience who would love to promoted my product, how I say I tried it in facebook group and only few people make creations from my design but that's all, they didn't promote it anywhere.
"print-on-demand business" No I didn't think about it, because I'm from Europe but my audience is ~80% Usa and it's quiet difficult. I can't compete with Usa sellers, they can get cheaper vinyl, tshirts, shippping in 1-3 days etc. Earlier I cut vinyl stickers, cards, banners, party decoration and shipping them to Usa, Canada, all around world but that shipping always "put me down", it takes long time (10-14days to Usa), then customers was angry why it takes so long time, I don't need that item anymore, give refund etc., it was hard...
My products have very special audience and I don't know where to find it, I feel uncomfortable go to forums(and where?) and spam. Sounds that I want that somebody give me all and I can earn only cash, in someway yes, I want that (who don't), I want to focus only to make new designs but I understand that without advertising I won't reach anything but how I said I don't know how to start it, info are tons but I'm really so stupid I don't understand what is the cheapest way to start advertise? Facebook ads, hire someone (where), or what? Sorry for my big complain.