Adwords Retargeting Audience With Google Analytics

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Did you know you could create a far more refined Adwords retargeting audience with Google Analytics? Wondering a free one-on-one call session to find out. 

An expert will connect with you and take you through the setup via a screen share and also show you how you can use your audience in creating retargeting campaigns in Adwords. 

If you are interested comment on the post and I will send you the booking link. Limited spots available, so hurry!!!

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Did you know that you can get more conversions using dynamic remarketing using Google Ads tags. You don't need to book anything with me!

Simply setup your remarketing tag in your theme and checkout. If you Google how to add the remarketing tag, you will find plenty of free tutorials. Then in Google Ads, create a display campaign with dynamic feed.

Make sure to exclude mobile and tablet apps from the settings.

Hope this helps.


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