Affiliate Marketers/Online Resellers Wanted

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I am an owner of a software distribution website. The website sells software keys ranging from Anti-Viruses to Graphics Manipulation Software Keys such as photoshop. We are not really a business 2 consumers business however, we would to take that route as opposed to business 2 business so we can maximise profits. We are in need for affiliate marketers to work with us. The job is an easy job, all you have to do is sell the products on our site to people. How it normally works is; as an affiliate you will receive a code. You are paid based on the amount of people that use your code to buy from our site or how many people from your affiliate link bought from our site. On one of our products you can receive £20 per sale. To put that into perspective if you sell one of our products 100 times you will receive £2000 etc. The amount of pay available varies on the product you want to sell thus, you can make more money on products that are more expensive if you sell them successfully similarly you will make less money on the least expensive products. 

I'd like to avoid paying by paypal if possible as my account is blocked frequently when I authorise enormous payments. 
We can pay you by Western Union, Bank transfer, Skrill, Mail Order Cheque (UK only) and Bitcoin. 

Preferably people with sales, marketing skills and experience.