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What is your experience with Affiliate marketing?

I'm currently talking to several companies, but they want me to have a 6 month contract etc, which is a large commitment when just starting out.

So far I'm not getitng any sales, so I was hoping affiliate marketing would help with that. I've already done adwords, bing ads, facebook ads etc

- Erwin

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Try starting out with VigLink before going with a larger company that will require a contract. There's no contract with Viglink, and it's easy to set up.

Every other company I've worked with or spoken to (probably 10), have minimum monthly spends and 6-12 month contracts.

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Agreed with alexa, I had a thing in my mind Unless your website already enjoys substantial high-quality traffic, you will not be considered by these affiliate programs, while some other programs have no such restrictions. Which I suggest you to add as first step affiliate programs, like Amazon has to approve your request, which could take some time, while SkimLinks, ClickBank, RevGlue lets you signup almost immediately through a very simple process. For a new Starter, You have to take proper training and techniques to achieve that numbers. In my opinion, RevGlue and SkimLinks are the Best Training platform to learn Affiliate Marketing. There are many Training programs but I personally love RevGlue because of its features and tools provided by them. Also, you have an option while your account was pending approval by these giant affiliate hubs, probably the chances are 60/40 they can approve your website. So in the meantime don't waste your traffic. RevGlue integrates with Skimlinks, which makes thing more easier to make your affiliate marketing startup a boom!! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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Affiliate marketing is just like a problem solution.If you solve someone problem then they will buy your products so select this type of product.Just remember it.

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Affiliate marketing is an online sales technique that allows a product owner to increase sales by permitting others targeting the same audience (“affiliates”) to receive a commission for recommending the product to others. At the same time, it allows the subsidiary to make money by selling products without creating its own.The great advantage of affiliate marketing is that you can do it on a large scale. A typical retailer only sells products from one company. As an affiliate marketer, you can promote products from many different companies and earn commissions from everyone. 

Affiliate marketing is less risky. Since there are no costs involved in the process, you can start making money with products or services that are completely free from any advance investment. 

Some affiliate marketing platforms are

1.ShareASale: ShareASale is the most popular partner network out there. While Amazon affiliates focus entirely on Amazon products, ShareASale includes programs for merchants, large and small. In one place the ShareASale dashboard you can log in to all of these merchants, generate links and view your statistics. Note that you will need to sign up separately for merchants and approve each merchant this is a standard approach for this affiliate network

2. Amazon Associates: Amazon associates allow you to promote the physical product on your website. Amazon Associates offers you to earn a high commission rate on every product you sell.

3.ClickBank: ClickBank offers you a lot of digital products and physical products as well. Some Clickbank products are not of the highest quality and while ClickBank has improved through its review process to filter out bad merchants, you still need to be careful about which merchants you choose to promote.