Amazon Repurchase Rates and Analytics

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Hi everyone,

I've been working on a substantial model to calculate Shopify and Amazon analytics for my website and company ( Some of the stats that the model produces include:

- Amazon repurchase rate, $ per customer, $ per order, orders per customer, etc

- Shopify to Amazon repurchase rate (how many people buy on Shopify then repurchase on Amazon)

- Developing remarketing lists for Amazon customers

I was frustrated by only knowing the repurchase rates of customers on my own website because we sell a high % of our goods on Amazon. Without knowing repurchase rates between the channels and repurchase rates for Amazon I couldn't come up with good LTV (Life Time Values) of my customers and therefore couldn't figure out acceptable CAC (Cost Per Acquisition).

I've been working on the model for over a week now and I'm currently working on a way to replicate it for other sellers. Converting it for new sellers will still take considerable time, but it will be a heck of a lot faster than building it from scratch (not to mention you need the financial modeling skill set). 

If anyone is interested in getting a similar analysis done for their website, I'm going to offer the service at a steep discount in order to build some referrals and polish up the results presentation.

If you're interested, reach out to me at James(at) In order to figure out the size of the project, I'll need approximate numbers of Shopify customers and the number of Amazon orders (rough numbers are fine to start). 

I hope I can put this to use to help some other sellers because it's been immensely helpful for us. We've found that our reorder rate increased by over double digit % and our customer LTV was significantly higher when including Amazon data.