Another "No sales" thread!

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Hi Dominic,

Your site looks good. And your About us is great too, very trust inspiring.


You say you have started facebook ads and seen no sales.

Have you tested various facebook audiences? I think you will find that one is definitely responding better than others, and then you can test which creative is working the best for this audience. Then try retargeting and also make sure to try lookalikes. Fb ads do not work right off the bat, you have to narrow down of a sales generating audience and creative.

See which audience and creative combo are you getting a high CTR from. Than analyse where on your site are they dropping off. 

Test highly layered distinct audiences so that when one wins over another you have clear learning; such as moms between 20-40 ages into children's clothing brands won over grandmothers (or vice versa!).

I have run ads for many startups, and have an instinct that your products would sell very well with fb ads.


Next I checked out your Instagram page, and facebook page.

The good thing - You are moderately active and have gorgeous photos.

What needs to be worked on - You need a bigger base of followers (potential customers). 

IDEA 1 - Use traffic driving hashtags

One way to get followers is by using top instagram hashtags. This helps you get discovered. Are you currently guessing your hashtags? Get the best ones, that will get you much more exposure than now, using the OrangeTwig app. Check their InstaSuccess tool. I would love to learn how much boost you get in traffic from Instagram in a month after using this tool. Connect with me on to share if you lile.

IDEA 2 - Run Daily Deals

You have great photos. You could be running Deal of the Day and creating an urgency among your fans and followers to order. Do this with OrangeTwig. It will both create a Deal of the Day in your shopify store, and advertise it on its own on your profile with layouts like this (below). And it will run Deals of The Day for as long as you set, like 2 weeks with a deal each day. Definitely try this out! It should bump up your sales.

IDEA 3 - Don't Miss Out on Exposure From Pinterest
Seems like you are relying on manual work for every bit of exposure you get. For example - you are missing out on Pinterest which is a great place to get discovered, and get more traffic and potentially fans/ followers and sales from. The pain is in developing a creative just for PInterest, doing this everyday, logging into Pinterest, and uploading. Phew! So A.U.T.O.M.A.T.E it. Use OrangeTwig again and let it post across Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for you everyday, for a month, without you ever logging in. Control quality and frequency, and the channels OrangeTwig posts on yourself with Edit options. 


IDEA 4 - Use CTAs
I see you are posting nice photos on your social channels. However I would throw in a few that have CTAs, that ask people to buy, that announce offers or announce - New Arrivals or a Summer Collection. Make layouts saying Buy Now, or Friday Offer, or cuter things like - Celebrate Summer in This Daisy Dress. Buy Now! Just test the 'Buy Now' and 'Shop Now' or 'Get The Daisy Dress This June' and see if the product you say this for gets sold more. I think it will. You can make these layouts with CTAs using OrangeTwig again. Check it out.

Do this, build momentum, get loads of traffic automatically and meawhile devote your energy to ads and website optimization.

All the best! Love your site. Rooting for it to work.


- Karan

P.S: I am with OrangeTwig, and recommending it here because it looks like a very natural fit for your marketing needs.


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Remember to develop trust with seal and batches, also a live chat option will be a good idea, on top of that you need better product pages

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You should index your website with search engines so it will show up higher in search results. You can do this for free here -->

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Your price makes my wallet cry as I convert it to my currency. I am not a target becuase I do not have cute kids yet but I guess parents wouldn't mind if they will have to spend a little for quality dresses.

I must agree with previous commenters that you still need to build a bigger audience for your social media presence. Less than a thousand fan isn't a strong connection yet. Moreover, when running ads, you have to be sure that you are hitting the right audience set. You can leverage it through behavior targeting - filtering audience who probably have kids and belongs to high monthly earners.

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Hi Dominic,

When I visited your website I see the Japanese currency in Yen. Well, this is just the small thing, but I think it matters because if I'm ready to buy stuff, I'll need to make some calculation to USD. 

By default Shopify support the functionality of the theme with calling the right currency or adding the feature Currency Switcher.

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I notice that you dont seem to have a real collection based on your home page.  When clicking on the featured collection, it shows just the stella dress in different patterns.   However, clicking on the shop button I see more products but I would probably add even more so that you could have true collections of items and give people more to choose from so that you can fit multiple people styles.  Tops, bottoms, dresses etc in all sorts or patterns.  Also, add a couple of those collections to your homepage as it looks a bit bare.