Any help with marketing?

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I am currently using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Google Adwords and still only getting approx 5-10 views per day with no sales.

Any advice would be great.
Thanks so much!

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Hey Amanda,

Just checked your website It looks good but few things I noticed which I like to share:

1) On the Home page there is no product shown. The only way I can see a product is clicking Order on menu bar and then selecting a product. You need to minimize this distance between your landing page and products.

Remember you get only 2-3 seconds to keep or loose a visitor. Your should show them the value (value in your site is your products) within that 2-3 seconds. Either show the products on the home page below the banners or make the banners more attractive and link them with the product page.

2) In the product page,if I go for the product description I have scroll and if I wish to Add to cart I have to scroll up again. That's not very user friendly. You should keep the Add to cart section with the price fixed some where near the product.

For the product the URL is: .Instead of coming-soon, it should be the name of the product .

Hope this will help to improve your store a bit :)

Thanks, Natwar - DIY social media marketing for Shopify selleres - Social Media Marketing for Shopify sellers
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Hey Amanda,

Natwar is 100% on point with his observations, especially that you really only have 2-3 seconds to retain or lose a customer. 

I agree that you need to create a call to action as well. This store appears to be the lookbook theme. I am not sure if you have tried other free themes from Shopify, but there are other themes that can provide the "Shop Now" button that would offer your customers an option to view all the products and add to their cart from there.

With regards to the channels that you are using, that can just take time to build up a following if you are starting from scratch. Focus on your customers and create content and participate in hashtags that are relevant to your customers. 5-10 customers per day is low for a site that looks as awesome as this one :)

Conversion rates for online stores are low as well. Depending who you ask, they will hover around 2%, sometimes higher sometimes lower. Perhaps focus on your friends and family that can start sharing your page to gain new social media followers. Your marketing strategy for social media should be a mix of related content and interesting content that will attract new potential customers.

There are a lot of options you can choose to explore, if you ever would like a more personal approach, feel free to call Shopfiy, we are here 24/7 :)