Any way to let Google crawl beyond the "coming soon" page?

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Hey there,

Our online shop is still in the making and we still have the "coming soon" page online in the unpublished store state.

It seems that the Google bots are not able to look beyond the password to access the actual store prototype pages.

The problem is that Google has only the meta data from this "coming soon" to get information about our site, therefore the ranking is super low even if I enter the actual url name in Google.

Is there away around that to give Google access to the rest of the pages without removing the password to the alpha version of the store?

Thank you so much in advance.

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This is an accepted solution.

Was just having this discussion over here:

Personally though, why bother with complicating it. Just make the site live, not the worst thing in the world if you accidentally make a sale.

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Google crawl those pages that are present on your website and it can also crawl the coming soon page but doesn’t crawl the pages beyond it.