Anybody use SMS (& other messaging) marketing automation?

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So I'm looking for a SMS/messaging (FB, whatsapp, etc.) messaging solution that I can use on my store. Anybody know of a good solution out there?
What I'm hoping to do is do a full-blown marketing automation and customer journey funnel via SMS. RIght now I use Klaviyo for email marketing (automated flows) and I thought that it would be great if I can do the same kind of thing with SMS and other messaging platforms.

Most of the solutions out there seem to use SMS just for customer service but I was looking to use messaging for more marketing automation. The only thing I've been able to find is a custom buildout using Twilio. The only thing I found that might be close is but they are still a bit basic.

Email automation is definitely very powerful but I feel like customers are now inundated with emails so the openrate and clickthrough rate is pretty low. If we can figure out a way to SMS marketing correctly, I believe it can be super powerful.

What do you guys think? Any success stories or tools that you use?

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We can help you with setting up sms marketing automation. Text messages are indeed a really powerful tool but should be used with caution. It's very easy to offend your customers with too many texts. I believe there should always be a way to unsubscribe.

Also, messaging apps can be an alternative. You can send messages via Telegram for free.

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