Are Google AdWords training courses worth the money?

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There's one in my state for in-class/lab training for 3 days for about $1200.00+ and there's also online training.  I'm thinking about taking it but I want to know if anyone has taken these courses and if the $1200.00+ cost is worth it.  

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 honestly unless you're planning to do it for other businesses as a service then you're better off hiring someone to manage it for you:-)


But I'm also planning to start an online training courses in 2017


They will range from 2 days all the way up to 5 days :-) it will range from $250 all the way up to $625 afterwards should you ever want to just take a refresher course you  pay a discounted price that ranges from $129.95 all the way up to $257.95​...

Hope this helps you can shoot me a e-mail