[Article] - Traffic is coming but no sales. Understanding the reasons behind that with Google Analytics.

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I’ve been reading the Shopify e-commerce forum for a long time and was socializing in Facebook Groups like Shopify Entrepreneurs. The one problem that buzzed Shopify merchants everyday was with starting the online business is traffic and sales. The common problem was with “traffic is coming, but no sales.” Well, I’ve been experiencing such issue a long time ago and still figuring out on daily base figuring out why people are not buying product/service from my online store. In this first introduction article, I’d like to share with you some practical advice on where to start analyzing the issue.

Google Analytics can show you the whole customer’s journey

Let’s simplify the language we use to understand better our customers. “Traffic” is the total volume of visitors who browse your online store and check products available. When the visitor enters to your store, they make the walkthrough inside the store, and this process is defined as the “session” in Google Analytics. When the visitor leaves the online store, we understand that the session is over.

Working with Shopify hosted solution I’ve noticed the great native integration Shopify and Google Analytics. I’ve followed step by step detailed Google Analytics guide and got the correctly installed GA account on my store. Discovering the Google Analytics account I’ve found the great value around information about my visitors. It’s a great way to find where do visitors come from and how do they behave in my online store. I’ll outline some reports that helped me to understand better customers and deliver insights that helped me further taking the next action.

Where did customers come from? Acquisition Dashboard

My daily routine starts with the report Acquisition - Channels. You can discover the channels that bring visitors and customers to your online store. If you inserted Google Analytics ID to Shopify store and turned on Enhanced Ecommerce settings, the whole picture between traffic and sales will be discovered. Whether you run Facebook, Google Adwords, or Instagram ads campaign the information can be found via “Social” link in the report. As for the campaigns related to influencers with the personal blog you can see referral URL via “Referral” link in the report.

Audience insight. Do your target the right audience?

I’ve been working with the Global product, and we have been selling it globally. The good thing with selling online is there is minimizing the cross border issue, and you can sell everywhere. The dashboard Audience - Location helped me better understand where the customers come from. There might be a lot of traffic, but no sales and it’s because the target was wrong. In our case, Slovenia was the TOP 3 countries with most visitors, but it didn’t convert well. So it gave us more information with promotion campaigns not targeting to that country, instead focusing on other ones who bring conversions.

Well, that’s what I’ve found useful for myself and shared experience with you. For someone, this information might be valuable as you’re new in Google Analytics, for other Shopify merchants it might be the daily routine. The important thing is we learn from each other a lot, so I’m open to any comments with your journey related to Google Analytics or other analytics tools. The experience with it and how it helped you to get customers insight.

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