At a loss here. Need help!

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Hello! I launched an outdoor lifestyle clothing company in Novemeber. The Green Tee Co. 
We offer ridiculously comfy clothing that encourages outdoor adventure. I've had probably 30 or so sales since we've opened, but pretty much all people I know, or someone who knows someone I know. I've done giveaways. Facebook ads, google adwords, instagram ads. I don't know what else to do...I don't have a high budget as I'm funding this all myself. 

ANY HELP would be so greatly appreciated. 

-Sam @thegreenteeco

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Hey Sam,

I would just stop advertising if it isn't working for you. 

If you are wanting to build a brand, you need to put in serious work, instead of hoping some paid advertising is going to do the work for you. 

What work are you doing to create some noise about your brand other than some adwords and instagram ads?

I like the look of your Tees though. 



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Hi Alasdair, thanks for responding! I think I definitely need some help creating brand awareness. I'm not really sure what I'm doing. So far I have two local shops that will be carrying my brand starting in April. I did one show in December. I was thinking about reaching out to some other local shops as well. Other than that I post on Instagram and Facebook. But I only have about 350 or so followers. And the ads. That I will likely stop.

Any suggestions!? It would be SO appreciated. :) 

And thank your for the kind words about our shirts!! 


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Hi Sam,

I think you need to tweak a few things with your site.

I would put a nicer picture on the slider...Like one from Instagram with an actual person, some imagery, etc..

I see you have a Returns page, but it's the generic Shopify-you need to remove things about flammable gases, etc..that don't apply to your store.

Even though I saw your returns page, what about shipping? payments? how long does it take to get my shirt? size charts?..

A picture like this one, I think would work on the slider better. 


Hope this helps :-)


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Here is what I will recommend. Stop the ads for the moment. You have made 30 sales. If these customers are friends and family, ask them to refer more people. Put that on a tracker using an app like ReferralCandy and let it grow. This will grow organically but it's a no-brainer. It works.

Second - Start tweaking around your store to make it look more authentic. Reviews is a great way. Again, tap into your existing customers. Add a live chat tool to your store like Drift. Be accessible to your users.

Third - Setup your webstie analytics properly before you strat advertising again.

Advertising: Start small. Ideally with Facebook. Setup your campaigns cautiously and instead of optimizing for conversions, optimize for traffic. Focus on driving traffic to your website and then once sales start trickling in, start optimizing for conversions. Repeat this for new channels. Buzz me if you need help with anything else. - Web Push Notifications for E-Commerce, Bloggers and More
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Hi Sam,

Sam here. I recommend you include user reviews on the website in a clear section to give users confidence to buy.

Also i recommend to have an SEO plan to get more organic traffic to your site. Look at Google Keyword Planner and think of relevant keywords that users may type to find you.

Develop some good content around these keywords and publish it on your blog whilst linking back to your products.

Hope that helps.

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I like the tag line "Ridiculously comfy apparel encouraging outdoor adventure". Put that more prominently on your main page and not just your about.

From your post here and from your about page that seems to be what you are selling. Be sure to push that feeling and ethos on your site early for the visitor.

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