At a standstill. Not a single Sale after so much effort....

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Hello all,

I like many have come to dispair with my new webstore. My website is  I am getting some traffic to my website - around 25 a day (mostly from paid traffic).....but not a single sale! am using Instagram and paying for facebook ads to drive the traffic. I don't know if it's my audience on facebook ads being incorrect, or my store niche being too narow or even my prices.

Can anyone take a critical look at it for me and give their honest opinon please? Anything would be so helpful.


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Hi Mike,

Shopify expert here, just examined your site it's good but there few tweaks that I noticed in your site, would love to share that with you. 

If interested let me know your thoughts here -

No worries, you will definitely get a great sales traffic ahead :)

Best Regards,



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Hey Mike,

Just because you are paying for traffic to your site, doesn't mean it will result in sales. Paid traffic always has an extremely low conversion rate. It's extremely important that you are driving organic traffic to your site, as this always converts better.  

Paid traffic is good to get initial brand awareness out there, but you need to focus on organic traffic. 

Beef your blog posts up a bit, with more content and pictures, You have a couple of really good topics in there already but you topical SEO research is off a bit, and you aren't targeting topics people are looking for. 

If we look at - How Surfing Promotes Health and Wellness 

The topic - "how surfing promotes health and wellness" gets ZERO searches and doesn't have an autosuggest, so noone is looking for this topic. However - "Health benefits of surfing" is being searched for. 

Keep the title the same but Change the URL to "health benefits of surfing" 

Now beef up the content more, get some pictures in there and talk about some surfer exercises, then link through to another blog post talking surfer exercises on a bigger scale. 

Surfer exercises get a good amount of searches however will be a very competitive term, but worth doing as will bump up content keyword relevancy of your site for surfer terms.

You can expand on this by talking about these topics:

disadvantages of surfing

emotional benefits of surfing

spiritual benefits of surfing

surfing and mental health. 

Now, once you have a topic created, the work isn't finished, you need to juice it up with some power, so build some links to it and promote it on some Socials and ask people in your space if they would promote it on their sites as well, reach out to other bloggers etc. 

I like your T's, pretty smart.  

Any questions, just ask,


Alasdair :)


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Hi Michael, SaleSpark might be a good solution for you. They will jump start your social media and start gaining some followers that you can advertise to more than once and for much less than any CPC rate you'll get on google. 

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Your site is 10 months old.

You have 23 pages indexed in Google.


You've GOT to think long term - think 5-10 years.

10 months on the internet (especially with no content) is like 5 minutes.

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Dear Michael,

Have you considered other methods rather than paid traffic? We can provide you with a completely free site audit so you can weigh up what methods would work best for your niche.

Kind regards

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John is right...

Although, I am impatient also with my own site, which is less than 10 month old LOL 

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You got a great concept. However you lack social proof.

- You need to show reviews on the website to give users confidence that you're legitimate.

- I disagree 10 months is not a short time. I have seen e-commerce websites dominate after 6 months of SEO & PPC.

- You do need lots of keyword optimised content to increase more pages on your website and attract the right traffic.

- I recommend having this sales pop up on your site to show recent sales which will help with conversions.

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Hi Mike - what a great story and concept! Love it.

I'm going to jump around a little with my observations, so forgive me - its a bit "stream of consciousness."

PRODUCT: Lovely - but why so limited? You have a concept and a website that's way bigger than two designs. You can, and must, expand your creative horizons (significantly) by working with a POD platform like Printful (which easily integrates with Shopify). Now your business will not be limited by buying merchandise, but will be focused on design, inspiration and motivation.

If you already are a POD business, then open up the doors to like minded artists and generate as many gorgeous designs as you can source! You pay for a unique design with the rights - and everyone wins. Test and see what resonates.

PHOTOGRAPHY: More multicultural. That's our wonderful reality. Reflect it to draw in more customers.

COPY: Too "worthy." too soon. I'd suggest you start with more "benefit focused"  copy - capture peoples imagination and make an emotional connection and THEN share what you do philanthropically. People love to buy things they feel good about but would rather feel good about buying things they love. ;)

SOCIAL: This is where you really have a chance to shine with amazing content - Pinterest, Instagram, FB, Blogs. It should not be about your product but about that very lifestyle you promote - sun, sea, beaches, happiness, feel good, do good, colour and beauty, people and places - what an incredibly rich menu! Make it so lovely it's simply irresistible ;) and that will bring more and more people to your site to try and capture some of tha same magic.

The very best of luck!




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Guys, I have no idea where you are seeing that my site is 10 months old from?? I forgot to mention but it's only just over a 1 moneth old....