Automatic Ad Creation on Google Adwords

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I am using KIT, Shoelace and Vantage. All three for Facebook marketing and I love each and every one of these apps.

Any suggestions on similar apps for Google Adwords Marketing?


Nothing I know of. And likely with good reason. Automation principles can and should be applied to AdWords but if you think a tool can automate yours, you're gravely underestimating the complexity of the platform.

The closet thing if your store has a fantastic site architecture, you can consider dynamic search ads. Ads still need to be manually built out, but it's by far the most automated fashion to build out a search campaign. I have this for one client (wouldn't use it for any others) and it provides a good "fill out" to capture search at a required ROI of 800%.

Google Shopping with product data in a feed will also allow you to setup dynamic remarketing and shopping campaigns. A lot of the ad copy is built with the feed setup, but there's still setup and a lot of optimization in a profitable campaign.

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