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I'm trying to work out a way to automatically send out an email promoting new and top selling products each week, and was wondering if anyone has any advice or experience with this? 

Currently, we're just using the Shopify email campaign, however we're open to looking into other alternatives.

The ideal scenario would be to have an automation every Friday, to send out the say 3 most recent products and 3 most bought items each week. We're constantly expanding our inventory, so this would be different each week.

Any help or advice would me greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


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My favorite system / app for automated email sequences like this is with Klaviyo. I created a guide + shared stats on my experience on how I like to set it up for automated sales:

I haven't done exactly what you're referencing but they have an insane amount of data tracking so I imagine it's possible.

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It can be done using api

drop me email


Hi @ajalexsmith

I'd recommend you to use Mailchimp instead of Shopify Email Marketing - their single-step automation feature seems to be what you're looking for - basically, it can help you to send out automated emails following your pre-built automate rulesets, including but not limited to: Welcome emails and birthday messages/ Event or behavior-based automations / Abandoned cart / Product retargeting/ Product recommendations. 

Let me know if my answer is of any help with a thumb-up, or like  

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Thanks for this! We've been using klaviyo and have been very supprised with its broad range of capabilities and options for shopify!

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I have just started going through free training videos and setting up the free level of Klaviyo (free is 250 or fewer email contacts they call profiles). I have not sent my 1st newsletter with it yet but I like that it automatically went through my store history and put customers that purchased once in a segment and customers that purchase more than once in another segment for me. I also set up 30, 60, and 90-day engagement flows following the free training videos so I can set automated emails to go out to people that have or have not engaged in a while.

I still have a lot to do: set up a welcome email series, abandon cart series, etc. but I feel like I am learning a lot at the free level. Hopefully, I will have learned the ropes by the time I leave the free level. I imported less than the 250 free email profile limit to learn the ropes a little before I start paying.