Backend keywords missing - how do I add them?

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Hi, I've just been told that I don't have any key search terms on the 'backend' of my website and this is the reason I'm not being found on the web and have no views hardly (other than those I've directed there myself).

Does anyone know how to add search terms into the coding of the shopify pop theme I'm using? (An idiots guide please if necessary as I don't have a clue where to start - don't suppose I can just dump words in there randomly without messing up the coding of the site for other things). Help please!



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Hi Karen,

So we have a guide here on Seo and a video series that will prove helpful:

In relation to the keywords, are they referring to the SEO section of each product, page and collection etc.

If you are editing anything, look for this section:

This is what the search engines use, also I recommend submitting your sitemap if you haven't done so already:

Hope that helps!