Bad Start With My Site

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Hey all,

My site at has been up for some time with ppc advertising driving the majority of the traffic. A small amount comes from social media through instagram. So am looking for feedback to improve my site visually and draw more visitors to continue to click through. Are there any things that scream out that need to be improved? I've already spent too much time on the site to give up, so any fresh ideas are appreciated thanks.

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Great store, however, I feel like your branding/logo could be improved. I can help you with that as I own a branding agency. Check us out here

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Where do your PPC advertising? Is it through Google AdWords or is Facebook included too? If you're using Facebook, I have some great tips you can use. You can use our app to improve Facebook ads here: ( Or you can reach out to me at and I'd be happy to walk you through some tips to improve your site and start bringing in more sales!