Bad experience with Bing Ads

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We just like to share our recent, really bad experience with Bing Ads, which is Microsoft indeed.

Even though we are no particular fan of advertising with Google as they are expensive, there are worlds between Google and Bing (Yahoo, AOL). Here are our experiences and the reasons we recommend, "Stay away from Bing Ads":

1. The customer support is a nightmare! We spend hours going in circles, no qualified support at all and was not able to ever fully resolve our issues. When talking to the so-called supervisor, we then heard a lot "this is our rule, this is our policy, that's what you (as customer) have to accept, that's the way it is (with Microsoft), incredible and just unacceptable for throwing hundreds of hard earned $$$ to such a company!

2. They just badly copied Google Adwords features and then screwed them up. Especially the monitoring is terrible. Looks they had Goals like in Adwords a while ago, now they have an own proprietary UET method, which you have to implement on all your Shopify WEB store pages. No help from them. And there seem to be no way to use existing Adword goals to monitor what coming from Bing. We asked them a dozen times for support - nothing.

3. To receive their big announced $50 starter discount (which is already cut down to half from former $100) we had to call the support twice and argued for about an hour before they finally applied it! Google just applied it in 5 minutes!

4. The billing statement (invoice) you get by the middle of the month is a bad joke, for your real bugs you will have to pay! Just a monthly total, no details on daily basis what you have spent for how many clicks. Bing/Microsoft is not willing to provide a detail billing statement like it is standard with any bank or with other institution (like Google Adwords, Facebook, Shopify etc) and they are also unwilling to let you change your billing period to any other times like the first to the last of a month. Answer of Bing:  Create your own daily reports being mailed to you (which are another 31 more emails!) if you like to see your CPC and total amount! Oha!!! We have been just shocked!  In addition after researching the issue we found discrepancies between our monthly statement and the detailed report over exactly the same time period; now explanation from Bing about this!

Summary:  We terminated our Microsoft/Bing account today and can just recommend "Stay away unless you like trouble and want to invest a lot of your valuable business time with these sharks"

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Thanks for sharing your experience. It was a valuable read.

I was looking into testsing Bing ads for our business after listening to a podcast on Target Interent a couple of weeks ago:

I found topics discussed in that podcast very interesting, specially about Bing being able to target audiences that a traditional search might not be able to reach. But after reading your post and knowing about the poor support and that there won't be detailed reports available on spend, I think I might hold it until a later date.

I appreciate if any marketing agency or PPC expert specialising in Bing ads who reads this thread can share their insights as well. 



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Hi Rainer, 

Although it me sound overselling, but we have developed the app for Bing Shopping Ads which on its own adds UTM parameters to all the product URLs submitted into Bing Merchant Center. So traffic coming from Bing Shopping Ads is reported as a separate source and you can track conversions coming from Bing Shopping Ads. 

Here is URL of the App. > 

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Agree with the above. I had a really bad experience as well. How can a Microsoft product be so bad?

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Hello All, 

I saw the title of this post, and knew I had to read it. I have been in digital marketing for 10 years and specialize in Paid Search. I could talk about Bing all day, and most of it would be negative.

I've worked at companies that spend over a million dollars a month on Bing alone the "customer service" the provide, even at that level is terrible.

Also, over the years, the have tried to duplicate Google's platform, but it still has so many bugs. They also have taken around 5 years do develop an offline editing tool like Google's AdWords Editor but that's terrible too.

In regards to their billing...I've worked at agencies and in-house and would constantly get yelled at because the accounts payable people needed billing to be in early in the month, and Bing usually doesnt send the invoice until the second week of the month!

I could go on forever about negative experiences with Bing, but my fingers would get tired, but I would like to say a couple nice things as well.

Bing users (in my experience) have higher conversion intent in many industries. I've worked with over a hundred Bing clients and a majority of the time Bing converts at or better than Google if it's setup correctly.

Bing's UET tracking is actually pretty advanced, and a capability I'd like to see within AdWords. With AdWords you have to have separate conversion pixels for every conversion you want to track and a separate remarketing tag as well unless you're using Google Analytics. 

Bing's demographics tend to be older users (who probably just don't know how to change their browsers primary search engine ;)) so if you are selling a product or service to older users, I see Bing as a necessary evil.

I haven't even gotten into how they broke off from Yahoo (Gemini) and the mess that's created, but I have to stop this rant. 

Good luck!

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As someone who has spent over half a million dollars propping up Google Adwords and also wasted some money experimenting with Bing Ads, I have to say I agree with everything the original poster said about Bing Ads. It is a crappy business not ready for prime time. If you take the time to teach yourself to become an Adwords expert and keep up with all the changes, you’ll achieve superior ROI with Adwords.

Bing Ads copies Google Adwords to very minor detail but lags far significantly behind on every measure. Bing Ads’ customer support is particularly lousy. Ultimately it is the senior management, the people running the show, to blame. Bing Ads is a chaotic organization staffed by monkeys.   

I recently added two Review Extensions to both accounts. Within hours Adwords rejected one of them and accepted the other. In rejecting one of the submissions, Adwords offered clear guidance on how to fix the problem.

Over at Bing Ads, it’s a completely different story. It took them four days just to review my submissions. One of them was rejected but then approved a few days later without my knowledge. When I contacted Bing in the beginning asking why the submission was rejected, the rep handling my call said she’d have to forward my concern to the editorial team to find out. Turned out their customer support team and editorial team are not the same    group of people and as a customer you can only reach the useless customer support team.  Then came the second Review Extension, which was approved only to be rejected shortly after.  Today when I logged into my account, the status was changed again, from  “disapproved” to “Pending editorial review”. What the hell is going on there?!

 I have been advertising on Google since 2002 and I have been satisfied with the level of customer support from Adwords. Most of the people working there are competent and well trained. Bing Ads was and still is a joke despite its wild claims about itself.

Bing Ads has wasted too much of my time. One of the most annoying parts in dealing with Bing Ads is they keep emailing me if everything is OK or if I need any help with anything. What the f*ck. Time to wrap up my experiment with Bing Ads.

I have  Adwords mobile app installed on my phones and I haven’t experienced a single crash for years whereas the app by Bing Ads crashed so often that I had to delete it to keep my blood pressure normal.