Been collaborating with bloggers and playing with ads, but since I'm a student my budget is limited. What are my next steps to boost traffic?

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I've been running my store for over a year now, and I've been collaborating with bloggers to boost the website.

My store:

I've been getting about 2 sales / 50 views. But I don't have a lot of traffic in general, so sales are low. Working with bloggers is also expensive considering shipping and they sometimes don't follow through. I've also played around with Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and Pinterest ads, but being a university student, my $$ is limited.

I'm thinking Google Ads might be the next step, but I would love to your thoughts! What has worked for your store?


⚡️ Thanks for the continuous feedback. I'm reading every single post and writing notes!

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Hi there Vivian - is your site down? I am getting a 'we'll be back soon' notice. Hope all is Ok! J

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To drive traffic you have three ways - Ads (Google, Fb, Twitter etc), SEO and Social Media posting.

Ads cost. 
SEO is long-term. 
So the easiest to focus on, and expect results quickly, is Social Media posting.

But don't waste time posting manually. Ugh. Automate it. Post across all your social media channels. And get your products the max views. Get traffic to your site. Get conversions.

For this you have an app,

Choose from 100s of templates for social media posts.

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You should focus more on content marketing do lots of keyword research and find good long tail keywords and write about it a few blogs a week and you'll see traffic increase.

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Hey, it was but it's back up now! Thanks :)

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Hey Vivian,

If you're looking for a cost-effective way to drive traffic, I would suggest looking at the 5-star Ads app ( It's primarily a traffic exchange service, where you share traffic with other merchants, so the quality of the traffic is high. It's all consumers who are already in the mindset to shop!



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Hi there, 

Nice to see that many students are starting their business. I did it last year, and it works very well. 
As I see in the other posts above, there are 3 ways to generate traffic : 

- Ads & Social posts (Facebook, Twitter, Insta...) 
- SEO (Long term job) 

If you have a low budget, I advise you to keep 100$ each month for ads, because this is the most efficient way to generate traffic (around 0.05$ per visitor with a 0.4$ CPM, with a good audience you should be able to generate some conversions). You should be able to find the good audience with 10-15$ per test. Spend around 50$ for testing audiences, and 50$ when you think you found the good one. 

Don't split your budget for each day of the week, keep 100$ for 2 days in a month, because the day will not have a real importance, if you're good, you'll make sales, whatever the day (sometimes I sell more on monday then on week-end). 

If your ads is nice to see, people will react to it and it will generate the interesting part of the job : the organic traffic, which is people that have been recommended to check your website and did not think it's an advert. 

If you have at least a good website with a qualitative brand content, you made the hardest part of the SEO job. The traffic you'll generate will make the SEO works for you. 

If you have any question, do not hesitate. 
Good luck ! 

Thomas, 20 yo.


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Whats your website that has a few million in sales? You failed to mention it. 

As for scams, there are many who post on Facebook how they sell millions of dollars on their website and never post the. Web address or the product or service they are selling that is making them millions in  sales 

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This is not really an answer to your specific question, but I wanted to share this (hopefully) constructive point. When I clicked on your link, I was so excited to find your site since coincidently I am in the market for a silk pillow case! The site is gorgeous, and you did a really good job with the design and content. Love the visuals and the overall look and feel. With that said, your product is about twice as expensive as your top competitor, and in fact seem to be the most expensive in your space. I went to your FAQ's with the hopes of finding an explanation to "why you?" but there was no content on the site that explains why your silk is better or why I should pay so much more for it.

This is not meant as critisism, but rather I hope it can help in some way. Good luck!