Been open 13 days...have had over 500 website visits and ZERO sales...not sure where to begin with changes to my website.

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Hi Everyone,

I just opened my store 13 days ago. I have been learning, reading, taking courses through Udemy for the past 4-5 months trying to learn everything I can about dropshipping through an online store.

There is obviously something hindering people's interest in purchasing on my store but I am stumped as to what it could be. At a 1% conversion rate I should have had up to 5 sales by now...

What have you found to be the priority changes to make on your store site that have increased your conversions? I realize that it probably not that simple but looking for the biggest area to start with.

I know something needs to change but I don't know where to start. Thought I would come here to see if anyone would be willing to help.

I would be very grateful for any feedback. Thank you for your time!


Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hello, Gene! 

Your site looks great! I think you've done an excellent job so far putting it together.

Sometimes, customers just need a little extra incentive. We have spin-to-win conversions apps that have been successful at getting conversions. Even without a conversion - it's a quick and effective way of building an email marketing list. 

Check it out here:

Hope that helps! Any further questions, just let us know! - JP

Ren | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi JP!

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I will definitely check out your app.

Thank you,



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Hi Gene,

Your products are looking great. However, there are a few changes you can make to optimize your store for maximum conversions.

(1) For Example : You have a statement "Our mission is to offer you incredible products at great prices....." on your homepage.

"What are the products and what is a great price" Talk about the product and talk about in a way that differentiates you from your competitors. Have your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) (a catch phrase describing your products in a fun and a unique way) in BOLD and BRIGHT colors in place of that statement. 

(2) Link the statement "Free shipping and Free returns" to your store, it will get you few sales. It builds trust and people love free shipping and hassle free returns. 

(3) But the biggest impact that can have on your store's traffic and sales is Blogging. There are just too many sites out there that sells watches, hoodies, jeans. You gotta stand out from these sites and the way to do it is by blogging. 

Make it a rule to write an article related to your niche (Fashion) once per week. Link to few of your products from that article. And yes, Start collecting email addresses.

The best piece of advice I can give you is "build an email list of your potential customers" and then target these people via emails. Your conversion rate will shot through the window.

Return On Investment (ROI) on email marketing is $44 on every $1 spent.

If you want to learn more about converting visitors into customers via ads or search and building an email list of potential customers, I have a free email course (8 lessons) for that.

You can sign up for the free course here :

If you have any other marketing related questions, feel free to email me at

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I'm a digital marketer and I have something to share:


When looking at your store, I have some comments:

1. Really low-speed loading

According to Google speed insight, you need to increase your speed loading right now.

Try reducing content and optimizing your images. I use to optimize my images.

2. Converting elements:

I think you can try adding some high-converting elements such as:

- Hero banner with feature product & a "call to action" button, not just a logo

- Call to action button ("Quick preview" or "Detail" button can have more click than just a "plus" icon)

- You have a review session in product page, that is great, try adding some fake review so real shopper feel that you are a good shop

- Countdown clock on sale product

- Pop-up email collection. If they don't buy immediately, offer them with discount notification newsletter. You can sell later with email

- In my opinion, selling fashion mean selling style. So that BLOG and LOOKBOOK, COLLECTION is important. Try creating Instagram-like blog page or lookbook landing page

Most of the Shopify themes do not support most of these elements, so you can use Page Builder such as PageFly or Zipify to do that. I recommend you use PageFly page builder, it can automatically optimize your landing page when uploading


I see that you have Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel installed. That's great. You would like to share you some of the resources on Google tracking and Facebook ads:

- Shopify Conversion/Sale Tracking: What to do when Sales drop

- Get more Shopify sales with 5 types of Facebook ads

Hope it helps you :)

Download free Shopify theme:
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Hi there, 

You’ve got a really nice website. Great job! 

However, I do have some inputs: 

My first issue was with your ‘About Us’. You have two lines in your About Us and they give very little information about who you are, why did you start and why should a buyer trust you. For me and I think for a lot of buyers, About Us is extremely important. It tells them who they are doing business with. It’s up to you how much information you want to reveal here, but the more you do, the better your customers will be able to identify with you.

Here’s an article on what to write / include in About Us: Write a Brilliant About Us  

The next thing that I think you should definitely work on is your shipping time. Currently your shipping time is 10-25 days. That’s a lot of wait time. A buyer will have to be really committed to buy from you. Did you know that 87% of online buyers think shipping speed as the most important factor in buying online? So if you can work on it, try to get this time down. 

You also need to sell your products more in your product descriptions. You’ve mentioned the specs. But at your price point (tote for $35), you should definitely write why your product is better than everything out there. 2-3 lines will do. There is some consistency issues as well. Some of your descriptions are in bold, the others are not. That’s a quick-fix you can work on. Check out this article for tips on writing product descriptions that sell. 

I like that you have order tracking. 

In your meta description, you’ve just added your tag line. Meta description might not be very important for ranking, but it does influence your click throughs. Ideally, this should be a summary of what’s on your page. And important keywords should definitely be included in the meta description. That’s because Google and other search engines show your description as a snippet in search along with your title. So for you, a buyer will see ‘Rock It shop’ as the title and ‘We got it, your rockit’ as the description. Basically, a buyer will need to visit your website to know more about you. 

Conversion rate also depends on how targeted your audience is and what the source of traffic is. So if you have a lot of people landing on your website from search, they do have an intent, but no context. So information is crucial for converting them. On the other hand, social media traffic usually has some context and should be taken directly to the product. So if you have a high volume of direct and search traffic, you need to have a strong About Us page. 

I think since you’re starting out, it’s important that you focus on building a social media presence as well. Growing on all social channels simultaneously will be very difficult. It’s best that you pick one channel and grow on that. I’d say Instagram. It’s easier to grow on and has a very low bounce rate. People who come to a website via Instagram have a lower chance of bouncing off. 

To grow on Instagram, you just need to focus on right hashtags and content. To get the right hashtags, use OrangeTwig’s Hashtag Research Tool. You’ll get trending and related hashtags. You’ll be able to create multiple lists and automatically add the list to your Instagram posts. Get started with the Hashtag Research Tool for FREE here: OrangeTwig Hashtag Research  

Also, for better conversions make your Instagram posts clickable. By doing so, you’ll be able to take your buyers directly to specific products. Here’s more on clickable post: Clickable Posts 

I noticed that you have coupons and offers. Customers LOVE such things. But, you have to promote these offers social media. Give OrangeTwig a try for FREE. With OrangeTwig, you can promote your products and coupons on social media in super-stoning layouts in little or no time. 

Here are some samples: 

I hope this helps! 

- Karan 

You can also ask your specific questions in Seller Success Facebook group 



Karan Jassar
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First thank you so much for taking the time to view my shop and then provide the great feedback. I am working on changing the current message on my homepage.

The biggest take away is your encouragement to Blog. I knew this was something I should take seriously but have been neglecting it as I am not totally sure the route to go but that's been my whole adventure in creating this shop. You have inspired me to make the blogging happen!

Thank you again for taking the time to respond to my post Rahul!


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I greatly appreciate you taking the time to look at my shop and provide the valuable feedback you have given me.

Very interesting that you brought up the PageSpeed Insight by Google as I was notified through my FB Pixel that 61% of the people that clicked on my Ad link did not reach my site and the suggestion was optimization. So I started to research that and founf that PageSpeed Insight page and saw the same thing. So You have affirmed my need for optimization. Thank you.

Futher, your suggestion on changing my hero image is well received as I have been working through what to place there. I put my logo there as I didn't quite know what to put there. I currently have no images of my products on "regular" people (instagram style). I have ordered products so I can have someone model the products and do some professional photography to have more life to the website. 

Thank you for the heads on PageFly, I will definitely be checking it out as I won't know how to change the "plus" button to something different as it just comes with the theme. I have modified the code a bit but something I haven't been able to locate to change them yet.

Thank you for the links! Will be reading those forsure!

Anh your feedback has been welcomed and most appreciated! 

Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts with me.


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Gene, congrats on your shop. Your wesbite looks slick and easy to navigate with correct trust factors(customer reviews) at the right place. 

If you already have customer emails (or) leads I would suggest to try out this app(there's a free credit on it) to get your customer interests Once you know your customer interests then you can segment them appropriately and run a facebook ad campaign (or) even send the emails out appropriately based on their interests. This can help you to target similar audience and improve your sales.
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Wow! What alot of fabulous information!

Thank you very much for taking the time to review my sight and provide this feedback.

I agree that getting the shipping time down would be ideal and that I really need to target Instagram as my primary social media outlet.  

Thank you for sending those articles. Some great info there!

Thank you again Karan for all your great feedback! Much appreciated!