Best B2B marketing techniques?

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I'm new to the b2b world and I'm curious to see if anyone has any techniques for driving sales and new leads? Right now my team has partnered up with a few brands to create a sweepstakes to drive qualified MQLs (see it here: What have you all had luck with? My b2c techniques aren't cutting it :) 

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Hi there! 


We have tons of experience with B2B. :-)


First thing I noticed on your LP is how things blend in. 

Some tips:

  • Bring those logos to life. They are currently very small and hard to read. You should rant and rave about those brands by bumping up the size. 
  • The copy is long and hard to read. My eyes need to be attracted to the prize packages and they are hidden. 
  • The form blends into everything else. 
  • The background image has too much going on. 

I would rework this landing page to get you the best results. 

Now, onto tips on pushing this in front of B2B prospects.

Start testing heavily on FB, Instagram and LinkedIn, the holiday prep should be happening now! The sooner you figure out how to get in front of these guys, the better. Where are these B2B customers spending their time finding their own customers? Start there because they will be logging into those platforms. Then test ad creatives and copy. 


Hope that helps.