Best way to capture emails and get new customers emails?

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Any one have any apps they think are the best? I went on macy' and a few mins later they emailed me and i did not join anything. So that's cookies right? What app does that?


Let me know what email apps you think our the best :)


Thanks in advance :)

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Hi, Kitty! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

Macy's emailed you although you didn't leave an email address with them? From a legal point of view, they emailed you without your consent [and yes that's definitely cookies], but they get away with it. You might step on few toes if you did it yourself, so I cannot honestly recommend this method.

What worked for me is to give people a good reason to join a mailing list [offer discounts, free downloadable goods etc.] in return for their email address. This way your list will grow organically and you will prevent opt outs and spam reports [which might result in your emails being marked as spammy and going right to a spam folder].

Hope it helps!


Maggie Tuczapska

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Hi Kitty,

Two ways I understand this -

  1. Gathering emails of potential buyers i.e creating a lead gen list
  2. Capturing emails of people who just bought from you i.e customers, to retarget them

Not sure which one you are talking of. The latter is simple of course, as you can ask for their email in the process of checkout.

To make a lead gen list you can try one of these ways -

Create a lead gen page and share it organically on social media, saying So&So product is coming soon, sign up now for an early bird benefit, or special offers etc.

If you already have an up and running website, create an email capture field, like one that says Enter email for newsletter, or offers.

Use a pop-up, that says enter email and you could get a special coupon code. Privy and picreel are two apps that do pop-ups.

But in the above 2 points, these people have already come to your site. If you are looking for absolutely new people, run lead gen ads. You can either run fb lead gen ads that show the fb lead gen form. No need of creating a landing page then. Or run ads that take your ad viewers and clickers to a page where they are incentivzed to provide their email ID.

One innovative way - As you are into fashion, ask an influencer to run a contest in which people submit their email ID, or they email you and one lucky participant wins something.

Looking at your shop, the best way for you might be pop-up plus fb ads announcing a new collection and offering early access and a discount code to early-birds i.e people who sign up.

- Karan

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Hi, Kitty!

Check out Convead AMI - that's a marketing automation bot, that can automate collecting emails on your website and retaining customers.

Hope this helps!