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I have created my new store with Shopify and it has been 2 months and only getting traffic from social media but still no sale. Can anyone suggest the marketing strategy to get the conversion? 


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Hi @Shoperstopper, this is Richard - CRO expert at PageFly - Shopify Advanced Page Builder. 

First of all, I got to say that your store looks certainly better than 60% of Shopify stores I see every day - which is around 30-40 every day. However, I think your Conversion rate can benefit from a few tweaks in homepage design. 

  • The Background images have too many details and make the Headline + CTA button look underwhelming - maybe put a blur filter over them to make the Headline and CTA looks better. 
  • I understand that this is a general dropshipping store - so visitors can easily get confused or get lost in hundreds of vastly different products. What I would do is to place a feature product right below your CTA section, accompanied by Trust-boosting elements like Reviews, Trust Badges or Social Proof. 
  • Then, group your products in a consistent theme: Winter Appliances, Holiday season, etc. 

-> A bit of design optimization can also be helpful in your product pages as well, you can check out this checklist to see if you are missing out on anything. 

Now, back to the marketing part, below are the most effective way you can use to give your traffic a little boost: 

  • Creating a niche Instagram account - it can be a meme account, this is a long-term approach, once you have consistent follower and organic traffic, you can start promoting your products. 
  • Using Facebook Ads, of course, check out how you run a Facebook campaign here
  • Check out 12 other marketing ideas to boost your sales HERE

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Thank you, Richard, much appreciate it.