Best way to get quality backlinks?

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So I've recently got my store to a state where I'm happy with it, and one thing I'm really struggling with is SEO. I feel as if quality backlinks would be able to help me get over this problem.


How have other shopify stores managed to get quality backlinks in the past? I'm really not sure where to start.


Site link is:

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Reward your customers for posting comments about your business on social media. Exchange links with similar websites ranking on google which are located in a different market (not competing with each other but complementary). Ask your suppliers to list your business as a local, national and/or international dealer. Build on your affiliate marketing strategy.


Do not follow any black hat backlink method... you'll be delisted from Google.


Have fun




Backlinking is a great way to increase your visibility in SERPs. 


Here are 5 reliable methods to build smart backlinks for your site:


1) Broken-link reporting: In this method, you can check for the sites in your niche that have broken links and recommend the links that can be used for replacement.  The recommendations must include a link to your site. 

Following ways can be used to find the sites with broken links:

your keywords + resources

your keywords + links

keywords in URL: links


2) Guest Blogging: You can find opportunities to write on third-party websites as a guest blogger. Not only will this help you to make social connections but also fetch a backlink for your site or your social media profile.

P.S. Never forget to mention the link to your social media profiles and to your site in your guest post as per the guidelines of the third-party site.


3) Exhibit Internal linking: If your website has a great internal linking structure, other site owners of your niche are more likely to link to your website, credited to the easy navigation of your site due to internal linking.


4) Write testimonials: A simple way to get a backlink for your site is to write testimonials for the sites you are using. If you are a 

customer of that particular site, there is a high possibility that you will get a backlink from it.


5) Promote your content: If you want your content to get noticed, promote it actively with relevant hashtags and mentions for your business. People from the industry keep searching for the content that can help their business, so if they really like your content, you can get a backlink.


These are some of the easiest ways to get a backlink for your site in order to improve your SEO.


Hope this helps!