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It is not only important to segment your customers, it is crucial that you know how much each segment spent and what is their AOV (Average Order Value). For example, statically, your top spenders segment might have 7-10 times AOV compared to your store AOV. It is also important to monitor Inflow (acquisition) and outflow (retention) of your customers. Here are some segments that 

1) Inflow (in the past 30 days)

  • New customers who ordered
  • New customers who didn't (i.e. abandon), very important metric, and usually a huge cost of opportunity lost.

2) Outflow (based on purchase activity in the past 180 days)

  • InActive: those who did not buy during this period. This is your 2nd biggest loss (after the abandon customers).
  • One Order only
  • Repeats (multiple orders): your most valuable segment. Increasing this segment percentage should be 

3) Reward: you need to reward your top spenders (wheather by value or by orders count), let them know that you care. Also, knowing their value and AOV will enable you to put the right reward value.

4) Seasonal:

  • Coupon Clippers
  • Holiday shoppers
  • Last minute shoppers


After identifying your segments, their $ value and AOV, you will need to start acting on it. If you're interested to know how your sgement are doing, we invite you to try check our Shopify App at:


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