Big Brand Pricing

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Hi guys

So I represent a big sporting goods brand selling big brand names like nike, Adidas etc.

One of the big problems we are facing is our competitors pricing strategy.

We are the official distributers of those big brands in our country but our competitors are importing the same or similar products and they are doing it with parallel import, which means their prices are sometimes 30-50% lower than our prices.

We can't compete with this pricing since we are a big organization with a lot of expenses.

I would appreciate if you could tell me your advice on how to tackle this and as well as pointing me to relevant articles about this issue

Thanks in advance


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This is a tough situation, since people buy commodoties like your products based largely on price... but not ONLY on price.

You have to find some way of differentiating yourself from your competitors, whether that's in the story you tell, the service you give, or some other benefit to the customer.

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hello everyone.