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Hi everyone,


Lately I have been noticing a drop in my website's visitors.


I wasn't able to figure out why until I checked my Google Merchants account. It seems that there's a big drop in "Active Items" and there are items expiring.


As you can see below I went from ~1000 active items to only ~100. And I can't figure out why this is the case.


Is there anybody who had the same issue, and how do I solve this?


Thanks a lot!




If items are under expiring then that means you have not update your SKUs in Google Merchant Center (GMC) in 30 days. At minimum you need to sync GMC with your Shopify store every store days to keep SKUs active. As for the drop in items, I would check the tool or app you are using to sync with your GMC account and make sure that is not causing the issue. If you are not using an app right now to sync GMC and your Shopify store, they are tons of options:

Google Shopping App...or you can see what else is on the Shopify App store. Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.

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Agree with Duane here. There is an issue with your product feed. This should be relatively easy to fix by looking at the feed app you are using to see if you are getting errors or change out to a new fee app. 

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Seeing that the total items have dropped, rather than simply active items, you likely have products removed from the store or some condition at the feed level (check your app) that is excluding products from the feed.

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