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Hi All,


I have started a new store to sell branded fragrances, skincare and makeup products as an extension of my retail store in NJ. I have been trying to submit my site for verification on bing but always this error message :


Bing could not verify ownership of this site. See below for more details:
Meta Tag
<meta> tag not found before <body>: make sure you place the verification tag with the correct verification key (ECF841A174A1FAA4CCB0B78E149522A1) in the <head> section and before the <body> tag in your page.
I am attaching a screenshot of the meta tag placement. Please can someone help with this issue and how to resolve it? thanks alot in advance.
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I have the same Problem. Anybody with a solution? ;-)


Best regards


Edit.: I found a solution that helped me. Enter your site name with "http" instead of "https".

Hope this works for you and any other person who will come along this thread.


Best regards ;-) 

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I am still having the same issue even after switching to http


Edit: Did the cname verification and it immediately verified. 


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Not having any luck using http or https for my site

Still no help from shopify?



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Find a solution yet?