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I'm creating a number of guides for my visitors. My question is should I create new pages for them and add to my site navigation. Or just add them to my blog.? What's gives you the maximum SEO potential? 

I noticed that the blog URLs aren’t as "clean" as the page URLs so that's what got me thinking.

Any help appreciated. 



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It sounds like these guides are evergreen. As in they will be useful for a long time. That suits pages linked to from the navigation. Blog posts are more designed for content that is relevant now, and will fade away over time.

For SEO, a page will stay important forever, as it has a high profile link. A blog post will start important but lose relevance and possibly ranking over time, as it gets buried deeper into the websites link structure.

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Hey Paul,  

Dan here from the Guru team! Thanks for reaching out today through our forums. :) I would suggest both! I would create new pages for each guide, add in the Title and Description, which will help with the SEO. From here, I would then link them to my blogs to generate more exposure that would hopefully send more traffic to my site. 

I hope this helps, and thanks again for posting. :) Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any other questions or concerns. 


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I typically follow the approach of blogs introducing topics with brief but essential information, key points, and then links to a much more detailed content page.

I like to think of your blog a bit like the "news feed" for your webstore. The specialized content pages are the reference library of highly detailed content. These pages are your wikipedia, of sorts.

This is the approach I have taken and seen success with, but it's certainly not the only possible way to go. Best of luck!

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