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Hey everyone, 

This is my first post... so hope I can get some help and not sound like too much of a noobie. I started my business a few months ago, but we launched officially on Oct 1st. I've been gaining a lot of traction on Instagram (currently sitting at 3000 followers) and the outreach from bloggers have been insane. We get at least 10 or so requests a day minimum. Many of these bloggers are wanting free stuff... which, although we can afford to give away some things (we have collaborated with 1 or 2 bloggers with 50k - yes real - followers). But we don't want to miss out on some of the smaller bloggers as well. 

We are looking at affiliate programs, but many of them are out of our budget. Anyone can steer me in the right direction on what platform to look up? Somewhere where all the bloggers are in one place, can grab their own unique links. Right now, we're sending everything via email which is okay when you're managing 10 bloggers, but not when you have 100 to get back to. 


Thank you!