Boostsuite or Clever adwords?

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We're trying to improve marketing for our online flooring business and looking at the Boostsuite and Clever Adwords apps. Anyone got experience of both? Which one would you recommend? Thanks!

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Hi Lena thanks for your question. Aaron from BoostSuite advertising here. I'd love to tell you a bit about BoostSuite advertising.

BoostSuite allows you to launch an incredibly effective display advertising campaign by building a network of marketing partners who extend your access to the types of customers you want for your business.

Our average campaign has a 1.43% clickthrough rate. Compared to the Internet average clickthrough rate for display advertising (0.06%) our unique approach to display advertising is more than 23 times more effective.

Higher clickthrough rates mean better customers who buy more from your business. The average BoostSuite advertiser receives 12 dollars of new revenue in return for each dollar they invest with BoostSuite advertising.

I've attached a graph from one of our customers showing their return on investment from BoostSuite advertising while using our Pro 50 ($179/month) and Pro 200 ($499/month) plans this Fall.

I can clarify a few other things that may be helpful in your research too. The term "display advertising" means that ads promoting your business are shown to your prospective customers as they visit any one of millions of websites around the Internet. The ads are laid alongside natural content on those pages, like today's weather or news on major websites.

By contrast, "search advertising" allows you to show an ad promoting your company to people who are already searching for your business name or other words common to buyers in your industry.

BoostSuite specializes in display advertising. Display advertising campaigns are popular because they can be scaled to acquire hundreds or thousands or millions of customers depending on your needs. With BoostSuite you can acquire customers from display advertising for about 20 cents per website visit.

Search advertising scales only as far as the number of people who are already searching for your keywords and typically costs between two and three dollars per website visit.

The two advertising methods (display advertising and search advertising) actually work really well together because display advertising will cause more people to search for your business name which will expand the limit to which you can scale your search advertising campaign (and will grow your visitors and orders from organic search too).

If you have any other questions about BoostSuite advertising just drop us a line any time.

 - Aaron at BoostSuite Advertising