Bought custom domain, now google merchant center suspended

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My Google Merchant Centre and Google Ads were running, for about 2 weeks, and I was gaining clicks until I decided to buy a custom domain, for my shopify account. Changed from to, and my Merchant Centre suspended my account. Account suspended due to policy violation: Shopping ads policies . I reverified the website in the merchant center, and canceled all my adds, but still, remain suspended.

Can anyone help?

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This is an accepted solution.

Hello @ACOT500 


You need to talk to Google Support Center. And explain them that your products are not sensitive products. This problem which you are facing is cos of GoogleAI (Artificial Intelligence) The products if you go in your merchant center you will see that Google AI may see it as something different that is cos it is Artificial Intelligence which is not functioning in correct way I had a similar issue and it got sorted.


I had this issue the product was just a small bulb see below and GOOGLE AI was thinking that this is a BULLET just cos that is the shape! As always Google AI actually is making things problematic for merchants.

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Thank you. I will try this.
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Make sure you have updated the business address in Google Merchant Center

Double check all url's submitted for the link attribute has the new domain. You can check in Google Merchant Center > products > lists > click on a product > scroll down till you see final attribute.


If you are suspended, then you need to request a review, but only ask this when everything is 100% any persistent issues even unrelated to the current one, can continue having you suspended, and repeated suspension may lead to a permanent one. To request a review:

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