Bumper Stickers - What's the opinion?

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I'm considering ordering some bumper stickers for marketing materials. Anybody tried this method to increase exposure?

Obviously near on impossible to track an ROI, but it's relatively cheap, $220 for a 1000.

At that cost I'm happy to pack one with each order. Struggled to find any statitiscs on how many people would use the bumper sticker.

Thanks for any feedback.






Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey Jamie,

Nick here from Shopify.

That sounds like a good idea, although you're right, it could be very hard to track ROI! It's also a traditional method too, which is why I think you'll be interested in checking out out the doc below:

50 Ways to Make Your First Ecommerce Sale

It's one of our most popular marketing docs. It has lots of different techniques to try to market your store with, including paid and IT based options, as well as free and more traditional options, such as your bumper sticker idea. I would suggest taking a couple of the methods you like, and trying them all at once, instead of one at a time. You will notice a lot more traffic and hopefully conversions if you employ a couple of the techniques at once.

Also, we have a really cool app called Kit, which I would definitely check out. Effectively, Kit is like an additional staff member dedicated to marketing your store on Facebook. It works as a bot to target facebook ads at demographics likely to buy from your store, using your store and facebook data to build likely customer profiles. It's very cool, and very sophisticated.

Hope these suggestions help!

Shopify Guru