CPC $0.4, Need Advice on Target Audience and Website Feedback

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I found that this forum is very useful especially for new people like me, I really appreciate all the advice that you guys sharing, I have learned a lot.

Recently, I start my website: https://bambowoo.com/ and running some Facebook ads try to test the water before I can make any serious investment in inventory. My target audience is people like home decor and Woodcraft. CPC is $0.4 per click. So:

- Is it normal costs for CPC and how can I reduce CPC costs?

- I have my website audience(people visit my site) which more than 100 people, so If I build lookalike audience based on that, can I reduce CPC costs?

- What other target audience should I try to test with my niche products?

- Can you guys give me some feedback on my store? What should I do to optimize my store before increasing traffic to my site?

- I used Google Analytics and found that people average spend around 15s on my product pages, is it normal?

Sorry for asking many questions, again, I very appreciate your time and advice




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Hi Sam,

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