CRAZY high sales, and then nothing.

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Last week we KILLED it with sales, we launched on HSN and The Grommet and saw a record amount of sales traffic to our website.  All of the promotion got people really excited about our product and we did really well on our website.  Then, yesterday is slowed down, and today we're back to where we were the week before last.  What should we do to gain back the sales momentum and drive targeted traffic similar to that which came from the platforms we launched on?


Any advice would be super appreciated.

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First of all congratulations on the spike!

  1. Try retargeting via ads.
  2. Make lookalike audiences of everyone who visited your website. Please say your fb pixel was placed on your site.
  3. Work with testimonials. Show off these in ads and on your site.
  4. Continue to use the Grommet and HSN advantage. On your site say - As shown on Grommet and HSN (use logos).
  5. Target people who abandoned cart with an offer.
  6. Reach out to people who started checkout or bought from you, whoever's email ID you have with a referral offer/ code linked with an offer.

The most powerful points being 1 and 2.

I noticed your site does not have social media icons, leading to YOUR social media profiles. Add those.
All the best!

- Karan
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personally for my store, I use a rewards program to try and retain customers. I've gotten great feedback from my customers, the ones that keep coming back get to rack up the points, and newcomers can earn points by sharing us on social medias. the one i use is Sweet Tooth since it's free and I like the way it looks, but you can shop around. just my two cents! :)

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Hey Max,

Now you know that content on the right platforms is a profitable advertising channel for you. Spend as much time as you can reaching out to sites that have the same demographic as HSN and The Grommet to reach more people.

Along these lines, in addition to having content on those sites, also create your own. The reason I say this is because cold brew coffee has over 70,000 searches per month on Google, so being present in search is a good strategy for you to implement. You should also implement Google Shopping Ads, which show up at the top of search, are on a CPC basis so they're inexpensive if no one clicks and profitable if they end up buying.

Like Karan said, use Facebook to retarget site visitors that didn't convert and build lookalike audiences. Additionally, build audiences around people with interests in Coffee and publications like The Grommet (wich as 280,000+ likes on Facebook) and HSN (one million plus likes).

I hope this isn't information overload! If you need any assistance, I do this professionally for my clients so feel free to reach out at


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Google adwords are very expensive. Popular search words can cost a few dollars per click 

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Start an ambassador program! Give your ambassadors a lifetime discount and a small cut of of the sale before tax and shipping. Create a FB group that your ambassadors can be a part of. Apply to my abmassador program if you want to see the templates we send out to all our applicants. This has easily tripled our sales. 

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Hi Max,

Am happy for you! 

Just do the same thing again! Again and again! :)


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Karan and others above gave amazing marketing advice.  From a customer perspective, one thing that seems to be missing is the number of uses per filter!  (Maybe the demos on HSN and Grommett explained that part).

I saw your product and thought, cool, maybe I'll buy some for family members.  But, I didn't see how many uses per filter, so I have no idea of the true cost.

(I am using Shopify, but in a very simple way so far, to sell my jewerly and metalsmithing classes).

Loretta T. Kaneshige
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Hi Max,

You shop looks really good :)

Maybe you could try to increase the conversions with the visitors you still have.
You can try to achieve this by adding a social proof in your shop. This can be achieved by showing orders from other customers, which can give your shop some new momentum.
You can try to achieve this with an app I made, called Show Recent Orders. You can get it here with a free 10 day trial ;)
This app helped a lot of store owners to increase conversions and it might also help you.

I wish you luck! ~ Show your visitors that others are buying from you!
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Adam Eggleston - How do you go about paying your ambassadors after they have made you a sale? Can they track this too?