Can You Market Sports Analytics on your shopify

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Here is my deal. I want to open up a shopify store selling sports jerseys and collectibles.  I also own a sports analytical company that has its own website.  Basically people pay me to send them my predictions and models on who I expect to win various sporting events. They might use that information to create fantasy sports lineups or to wager on games. I am not taking the bets, I am not linking them to places where they can bet. I am just offering advice on who might win that I classify as for strictly informational purposes only.   Lets say that customer pays me $100 a month can I have that as one of my products on my shopify store along with my collectibles. If I CANNOT have it on my site accepting customers CAN I put up an "affiliate link" as a header to have them go to my site outside of shopify where they can pay say via paypal or another merchant account etc.  I know no gambling can be sold on shopify but can people who sell modeling and predictions offer their services on their shopify   Thanks for any feedback.