Can my products have similar titles and descriptions?

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Hi ! 


My name is Lea and I sell welcome signs for parties. 


The thing is, appart from the graphics they contain, my products are very similar so product details (size, printing options, customization instructions...) are always the same.


Also, my titles contain the same main keywords with some variants. 


I have about 500 products. 


Will google treat my products like duplicate, thus making them rank lower. I've looked for a reply to this question everywhere but couldn't find one so if someone has an answer, please let me know :)


Thanks so much!


Lea Melissa




Dear leamelissa,


Hope following suggestion will help you.


1. It is better to have unique title and description for each product.

2. Use proper canonical tag

3. NO INDEX meta tag on product pages that you can’t write unique content for

4. Use mousehover effect for same product having different color.


Thanks & Regards

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I understand your confusion and its a legit question. I managed a store with 2000 products and there can be a problem in rankings. 


However if we be a little creative here. The problem can be solved.

What we do in your particular case depends on your store. Can you share the url here? 



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Hello @leamelissa 


In simple words, I will say no for duplicate content.

Better, write a bit different short descriptions for each product, if you don't get much idea, you can hire a content writer and they do their job very well.

You can't explain your problem to Google bot, it's a bot so it will consider it duplicate and your google search ranking will be affected.


By the way, if you are planning to get the sales based on Social media ads and google ads, and don't want to focus on organic google traffic, then it's all good, whatever you like you can do.


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Thank you so much for your reply ! If a product is called "safari baby shower welcome sign", and then another product is called "blue and gold baby shower welcome sign" for example. So one word changes, would google consider this similar titles? Thank you again ! :)

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Hi Gagan, 


Thanks for replying! Sure, the url is I have contacted you via email to give you the password (haven't made site public yet since I don't know if it is optimized)


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Thank you so much!

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I did a flare check on your website, you have 4 results indexed by Google. But your website has 500+ pages. Before you think of ranking you should ensure your pages are found (indexed by Google). So I would suggest getting your pages found by Google, Bing and other major search engines will be beneficial to you in terms of generating sales from organic searches. While you do that, also use a free tool like ubersuggest to make your page content and meta title/description as unique as is reasonable. Be true to your content though, you may find this blog helpful:


You can submit your sitemap regularly to these major engines, or consider using a convenient tool like the flare that offers many other major benefits.


Hope this was helpful.

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You should check whether "baby shower" is a competitive keyword. If there are many websites ranking for this keyword, it will be very hard for your store to rank top. Regarding your question, you can try to apply slight variations of product content.


TBH I think you should focus more on external backlinks to your store. When there are more websites linking back to your store, your ranking will be boosted effectively. It's much effective than optimizing your content. More effective use of the time I would say. 

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