Can someone suggest a Plan B for marketing our site?

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My wife and I are part of an older demographic and have little experience with social media. I have a Facebook page primarily to stay in touch with my kids, and my few FB friends are mostly family. We are on Pinterest but hate seeing ads, so it would be hypocritical to advertise there. We have never even looked at IG, Twitter, or any of the other places that are "must-dos" for advertising our site.

We're technologically literate but social media Luddites. Is there a marketing Plan B, or are we too old-school for this?


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To be honest, I'd suggest outsourcing that part to someone else even one of your kids! (I'm a teacher and I even have some of my students helping me learn and do some social media stuff). I'm relatively young but have committed to having a very limited social media presence. If you can't find a family member or friend, you can hire a company or person off of to do it for you, just make sure you're comfortable with them and you approve their posts first before published until you can trust them 100% to represent your company's voice. 

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I found this as a good alternative

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Stephen,  Leon here from the community

Your never too old in this line  business as we are all learning everyday.

Social media is only one component of the puzzle and should only be  used if your know  where your  targeted audience .

From a quick observation ask yourself this question

  • What is your targeted audience
  • Why would the customer purchase from your store
  • How much do they have to spend?
  • Is there a desire / incentive to purchase from the store

Common questions that get over looked when setting  up at store  


  1. We have to promote to attract attention hence marketing Ads work well also
    ps you are not customer.
  2. Facebook page: don’t use your personal page for your business as this completely wrong audience to sell to .
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