Can't crack interests targeting for Facebook Ads for Apparel/Clothing

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Hey Gurus and Entrepreneurs!

My store launched in February this year and I've been on the longest rollercoaster when it comes to FB ads.

This is my 6th shopify store so I definitely have experience in ecommerce and fb and google ads... the thing is this is the first time I have enetred the clothing/apparel zone and I CANNOT CRACK THE CODE FOR THE LIFE OF ME! It's driving me absolutely crazy!

I know there are a ton of successful apparel/clothing/POD stores out there. Would you guys care to share some tips or insights? Targeting the extremely broad audiences like "Online Shopping, Womens Clothing, Mens Clothing, T Shirt, Engaged Shoppers, etc" is just too bare and minimum to get my ads to convert. If you take a look at my shop (or even my shop name haha) you'll see the passion niche I'm targeting is travelers/nomads/backpackers. I mean, travelers are REALLY passionate about traveling (as I am one and I am always talking about travel lol). So anyways I created and ran fb ads myself for the first month, but no WC came from FB ads. 

Feeling like I had no idea what i was doing since it was a month that passed with no success, I hired a 'facebook ads expert' off up UpWork who had a great portfolio and case study but 3 months and a large ad spend later, none of the ads he created has generated me ANY sales! So now it is June, I stopped the work with him, and am so lost on my next steps. I never struggled with fb ads in the past, but the t shirt/apparel/clothing area is proving to be a monster at my door! 

Can anyone help? :)

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Hey H, 

Sorry to hear about your struggles. I checked out your site - it looks great. I was actually going to get into the frequent traveler niche myself, but decided against it for my own various reasons.

I'm Uri and I focus on driving traffic and sales on Shopify sites. I work as a full time E-comm consultant and store owner and it looks like this fit will be right down by ally. You should know that targeting apparel in this case is not a smart decision, and hiring a 'guru' off of upwork is not the greatest of ideas. Facebook actually has some targeting criteria that would work for you PERFECTLY. Let's chat about it in person. 

Feel free to reach out to me at - I can definitely solve this issue for you :) Also, checkout my website - to take a look at my clientele so you know I'm not BS'ing you. 

All the best,