Can't map out our audience.. Think you can?

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Hey guys!
We have been running our store for few months already. (
And we have been getting the usual conversion rate as mentioned all around here which is ~1%

The frustrating part is that we spend lots of money of Instagram ads and we can't really find the right formula, or better yet, the right audience to get us a steady flow of sales.

We have tried many look-a-like audiences based on different behaviours, age groups, our Instagram users, website visitors etc. and all of them didn't work too well.

We would really appreciate if you could take a look in our website and prupose the typical buyer that would purchase our stuff based on your opinion and exprience!

Waiting on all of your replies =)

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Do you sell your products offline as well? What are the audiences you've tried w.r.t. Geography, Age-group, Interestes? Can you share screenshots of a couple of ads that you're running?

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We don't sell our products online.

We really look into getting some different minded opinion from people who see the product for the first  time. If we will tell you to who we have advertised it will pretty much put your mind "in a box".

We would happy to hear from you, who by your opinion would love to buy the stuff on our website.

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Google ads are great if you do them right. What have you tried so far?

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Audience research can be REALLY challenging!!

The good news is, it’s actually quite simple, just a bit time consuming..⏰ As you do more research, more testing, and mature your instagram/facebook account, things start to become easier.

That said, here is how is what I did to find my audience for Facebook and instagram ads.

I learned about audience research the free Facebook ads email crash course “Double your Facebook/Instagram ads ROI” and they had a few really cool tools and techniques to doing this research.

When I went thought it, I discovered a ton of information about my potential customers like
* Demographics
* Gender
* Job Titles
* Education level
* Household income
* Pages they like
* And much more!

I put together a little customer avatar profile with the google sheet template they gave and started testing into those. Within a few days, I found some high performing interests and targeting strategies.

I’d recommend going through their free crash course and this audience research article specifically. I think it was lesson 2 or 3 but there are 3 other strategies for audience targeting were really powerful!

Check it out here.

And regarding Lookalikes.. The quality of those audiences gets much better with time so make sure you have enough customer data in your file uploads. Shopify had a blog on this..

How big were your custom audiences that you generated the lookalikes from?

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I think Google ads are best than FB ads. I have got  great result for my store by running Google ads.

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Wow Judith amazing advice!

I went through most of that email course and it was really helpful. Thanks for sharing.

I found good audiences to target from that course and even set up an improved retargeting funnel with their app ( )

My biggest takeaways were:

-Focus on the high intent audiences (which the app tracks through the pixel and tells you which campaign template to use)

-Make sure you use a great offer that will attract customers (use the ad copy templates they provide and add your own little twist)

-You don’t need to spend much money on these ads. (My campaign is only running at $3 a day and its the highest performing ad I have! ?)

Thanks Judith



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Great products, I have some different advice: instead of finding "better" advertising avenues, focus on getting more out of the ones you're already getting. 

Take a look at our site at and we'll give you some suggestions we've tested and implemented during our 5 Years in business:

  • Customer Reviews:
    • Best advertising avenue is having previous customers sing praises about your products, or even better, your service. Check out Yotpo for a great app.
    • Customers are also your best referrals. An app like Yotpo or another referral app can entice previous customers to repurchase, while also acquiring a new customer for less. 
  • Coupon pop-up
    • That's great but too high. Most people don't want the "get 2 for this price." Why not just make it "get 1 for $30" instead? Even better, seems your products are also all on sale: why not leaving full price and offering it as a 1st-time coupon? Instead, say "sign up and get $30 off on your 1st order."

This way you entice with a bigger discount that 1 customer will prefer and more likely to use. You also don't box yourself in as a "value brand."

Most importantly: build a brand

You can only do that by having unique...SOMETHING.

Best thing is to have unique exclusive products, like our vape pens 

If you don't, then offer other things better than others. Hoodies are everywhere, and if they seem like they are all on sale for almost 50% off, that screams "cheap." People won't value it as much. Clothing is as much "quality" as it is selling "cool," which is one of the hardest things to do. 

  • Service
  • Quality
  • Value

In that order. Offer rewards programs to your past customers, referrals, and gift cards. But if your brand has no value, no one will care. 

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A great question.

i think one of the key things is ‘patience’. You mentioned you have only been up and running for a few months (so have we at If you are not seeing substainal sales in 7 to 10 years then you have a problem - but for the first couple of years I would not worry to much,  just keep learning and educating yourself through great Blog platforms like this one - which is certainly the best I have come across.

i would also highly suggest you get connected up to  Entrepreneurs who speak highly of the Shopify platform (podcasts are great). Amazing lessons can be learnt from these people - a good example would be ‘Gary Vee’ who mentions when talking about website platforms only recommends Shopify 

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Jusith Ferguson

Thank you for your reply!
We will look into it further to get more information.
The biggest look-a-like audience we tried to make is from 8,000 people. Do you think it is fine or we need a bigger audience base for it to work?


Great answer! We have learned a lot from it and we will definetly make changes as you mentioned, such as cut the "discount" on all products and actually build a value brand.

A follow-up question for you guys, do you think ou website need to make our visitors more "stressed" to make a purchase? 
By that we mean that we only put up a "2FOR60" lead-up pop-up and basicly besides it we don't put any other sales driving effects, should we look into adding some?

Stephen Hutcheon

We understand what you mean but it is not that kind of a bussiness for us to look 7-10 years forward to see results, you can defintely see that within a much closer range of time. Thats the reason we are looking for people to help us with mapping our audience better.
And Gary Vee is definetly a great speaker =)

Anyone who still thinks he can map our audience and tells us who you think will definetly buy our products, we are eager to hear all of you!