Can you help with the marketing of my site?

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Hi Scott,

Content creation is part of the SEO services I provide. It also covers what is effectively on-line PR which focusses on relationships that will allow beneficial sharing of your content.

I'm in the UK which may not suit you but I can provide what you're looking for.

Email me at if you want to discuss any of this further.

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Since you're called The Grill Source, I would really recommend you put a focus on your blog to establish yourself as an expert. Give tips and recipes. Then push links to the posts out to your social media accounts and your newsletter. No this isn't going to give you immediate results but can establish loyalty. It can also draw attention from other blogs and media. Instagram is huge. You could post photos of grilled food and environmental products shots. This would also work on Pinterest. Using rich pins, you could also post recipes. YouTube is a greatly underused medium for business. But it's the most searched after Google. Create some videos of you grilling and giving tips.

I know women aren't your primary target audience but keep in mind they do a lot of the food prep. We like to grill all year round. My mom has often cooked the Thanksgiving turkey on the grill in a pan. Frees up the oven. We've fried fish, so the smell isn't in the house. Once when the stove wasn't working, I cooked a quiche on the grill and it even browned on the top.

There are so many ideas for content. Include links in the blog posts to your products. You can put links in your videos and embed videos on your site. Newsletters, blogs and social media may take longer to build a following but they're low cost and you can see big returns.

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It's a tricky one. Google adwords can be very expensive particularly if it's not set up correctly i.e targetting the correct words, locations etc but it can bring some traffic to your site. Google Shopping has given me a better rate of return. 

I know that an earlier post has mentioned that social media perhaps is the last thing to do but I kind of feel that it's just as important. I believe it's about getting the name out there, creating brand awareness. If you can get pictures of people using your items, even receipes, then I'd get blogging about it with links going on Twitter, Facebook and perhaps even pictures on Instagram. My first customer actually came through Twitter. There is no need to start with them all, infact I read something that said to concentrate on a couple rather than all of them. For us selling 'health and safety signs' we tend to focus on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Hi Scott -

These are all really great tips. I actually work with a few online marketing experts who could spend some time with you on the phone and give you more personalized recommendations and potentially even help out if you need it.

Drop me a line if you'd like to learn more


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Hi Scott,

You should try to do some small $3-$5 ads on Facebook and see how it turns out to be, then you can scale it up. This will be the fastest way to get direct sales. There are other ways like mentioned above like ads words etc. I have not tried them out but I am very sure it is working.

I will be trying other social media platforms. You can also check my store just started, its a niche store towards women fashion & clothing focusing on cat lovers, you will get some ideas:



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Stay away from Adwords.

Run Facebook.
Maker sure the FB pixel is installed properly on all pages.
Leverage the custom and look alike audiences, make
sure your targeting is pretty tight.

I run buys through a software called Adespresso. It's pretty cheap and it helps
create fbads more efficiently and makes it really fast and easy to test multimple
headlines / images.

Email remarketing normally has the highest Return on Ad Spend.
You Might want to do a reg pop with a small coupon code so you can acquire the users email address
for remarketing.

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Great site!

Look at weber does. Grill recipes and other ideas.

Write about stuff to cook, take great photos, video. Make it good so it will share on social media. Tasty videos come to mind. Anything you can do to support and draw in traffic. Utilize pop ups to collect their emails. Use retargeting software to make sure your ad follows them til they buy.


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Awesome site, Scott. Makes me hungry!

Speaking of triggers, my agency has a great ecommerce website checklist about converting more sales:

Step 2: Pick your triggers.

Boil down the small handful of critical triggers that determine whether your shopper buys your product. There are tons of great theories about the multitude of emotional and psychological triggers that might play a role in the decision-making process of the modern consumer. Here's a basic list to get you started:

• Relevance

• Scarcity

• Authority

• Proof

• Value of Outcome

• Likability

• Familiarity

• Trust

• Price

• Perceived Competitor Value

• Fears and Uncertainties

You'll notice that some of the triggers above carry a positive value (like familiarity), while others are more negative and prohibitive in nature (like price and perceived competitor value). Pay attention to this dichotomy of motivation vs. friction as it relates to your shopper's experience on-site. What are the forces motivating them to make a purchase? Where are the points of friction preventing them from becoming customers? Which of those two forces is winning the battle for your shopper's psychology?

We wrote a longer piece about this if you want to learn more. Hope that helps!

Kevin Simonson is the CEO of Metric Digital, a performance marketing agency in New York City that focuses on driving revenue and customers through for ecommerce business via online advertising, email and other digital marketing channels.
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Your site looking nice.You can try some marketing campaign such as Facebook Ads campaign, Google AdWords, SEO.